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Turn Around Tuesday

” I don’t fear failure. I only fear the slowing up of the engine inside of me which is saying, “Keep going, someone must be on top, why not you?” “- General George S. Patton (1885-1945)

I am not crazy about failure. I am betting most of us aren’t. However, it has been my observation, at least with myself, that the fear of failure nearly always creates failure. However, the motivation to keep moving forward with a positive frame of mind will more likely bring about success. Interesting…

I had never heard of the movie Whale Rider until this week. As luck would have it, it was also playing on one of the movie channels. My husband and I watched as a little girl experienced both the love of a family and the ridicule of an ideology. She was sad, confused and hurt. Once, she almost gave up and left. Sometimes she cried and tried to understand the reasons. The entire time she held firm to who she was and the knowledge that she had a purpose only she could fulfill.

I remember turning to my husband and saying, “Can you imagine having that kind of inner strength?” I remember it because the thought has been lurking around since I said it. Why “imagine”? Why does the idea seem so lofty? Am I really so bent on approval that seeing that type of inner fortitude stuns me? Interesting…

Today I want to encourage you (and me) to take a quiet minute and consider your inner warrior. Remember that you are a powerful individual with the desire to move forward. You know who you are and what you are capable of – and if you don’t, I encourage you to commit to discovering those answers. Something tells me that type of strength, while amazing, is not out of reach.

Do you know a Busy Woman?

If you answered “no” to that question, I am going to gently suggest that you look around one more time. Most of us probably have a few (and the count goes up by 1 when my female readers remember to look in the mirror).

It is time to nominate your Busy Woman of the Year. Hosted by Savannah/ Richmond Hill Little Black Book, the Busy Woman of the Year Award looks to recognize some special women that make it happen. There is a great party scheduled for July (more details to come) and a prize package for the winner. Deadline for nominations are fast approaching.

You can find more information and a nomination sheet at The Little Black Book website.

This is your American Idol…

Anybody out there watching Idol? We have been following it here on My Beautiful Chaos.

As my friends so accurately perceived weeks ago…it is the war of the David’s.

Yeah…so what? Archie had a better night last night. But he is so OMG irritating.

Any thoughts out there while we are waiting for the results?

Turn Around Tuesday

“Here’s the first thing you ought to know about me…I don’t believe my own press clippings.”- Jonathan Dalton, Realtor, Arizona

Something about today’s quote resonated with me. I found it yesterday, and still chew on it as I sit here knowing that I really need to hit “send” on TAT.

The obvious and historical lesson is to remember your humility. No matter how often you are touted by others, regardless of how great you may be – you are still a person like all of those around you. And I feel that from this quote. But that isn’t the vibe that caused me to choose it.

I feel strangely motivated by this quote. Perhaps it was the context in which I found it. Jonathan acknowledged his success and also his need to see the bigger picture and stay on the top of his game. I think we are getting a little closer.

Having the buzz surrounding you or your project is wonderful. That’s one way to become successful and effect change. In fact, in my line of work, the buzz is key. However, we must remember that we create the press – the press doesn’t create us. Put another way, you are only who you are for real – regardless of what others say.

Today I want to encourage you to remind yourself that you are who you are because that is who you are. Regardless of external influences, ideas of others or popular opinion – at the end of the day, the mirror still reflects you. Make sure you are living up to your values and standards – not those fabricated by someone else. The best truth is found in you.

You all ROCK!

Turn Around Tuesday is moving into it’s second week of a rather impromptu group think. If you missed last week, TAT is getting ready to undergo some pretty big changes. We are gearing up for a big launch and a lot of excitement. But, as always, none of this happens without you.

To recap…I am looking for

* feedback
* your favorite quotes
* topic suggestions
* interesting stories concerning your personal experience with TAT

If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know. Deadline is midnight (EST) Sunday, June 15, 2008.

I mentioned a prize…right now it is a boring little $25 gift card. If you have any ideas or suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate you guys?

Turn Around Tuesday – and a Give Away

“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.” – Matthew 10:16, New American Standard Bible

Another season of Survivor has come to a million dollar conclusion. This season’s antics have been some of the most amazing since the show started. People who thought they were safe weren’t. People who thought they had made alliances hadn’t. One guy even got talked into giving up safety just to be voted out by those same talkers.

Interestingly enough, one of the players has been on back to back seasons. She mentioned that real life is a little difficult now – you just don’t know who to trust. Ya think? Living in a warped reality is bound to mess with your sense of awareness.

While it is not the middle of the jungle or the rain forest, I am betting many of us have experiences our own version of warped reality. Those moments, people, circumstances that affect our ability to move into a place where trust, goodness, hope and plain old optimism is welcome.

No one is going to downplay those situations that harden soft spots. I have been there. And to some extent, I am thankful for my toughness. However, it took some doing to balance that out with a gentle nature. And I could write for hours about that balance. Too much of one causes discontent and mistrust. Too much of the other creates a passive aggressive push over (ask me how I know).

Today I want to encourage you to check you balance. While no one would argue the abundance of unsavory characters, one would also not argue the plethora of wonderful people who come in and out of our lives everyday. Devote your time to those people and hope the best for the rest.

I really need your help – and there is a prize involved.

Turn Around Tuesday is getting ready to undergo a huge face lift. Lots of things have been involved in a bit of reconstruction. Right now, we are waiting on a website launch and then we will be ready to tell all!

Back to my point – I need your help. Here’s what you can do. Each time you contact me either by email or blog comment in regards to this TAT, that’ll be an entry. Each time somebody else does it because you forwarded them this email, that’s an entry. As you can see, you can enter as many times as you want.

What do you enter? I am looking for

  • feedback
  • your favorite quotes
  • topic suggestions
  • interesting stories concerning your person experience with TAT

It is that easy. Deadline is midnight (EST) Sunday, June 15, 2008. And remember

  • please use “Turn Around Tuesday” as the email subject
  • each email with new feedback material equals one entry
  • each time a person emails because they heard about it from you equals an entry
  • you can enter as many times as you want.

I am working on an interesting prize – if nothing else – you’ll get a $25 gift card.

Turn Around Tuesday

“I want you to thank a random person for doing their job, or for doing something that seems small. I know that this sounds silly, but I guarantee that if you do this enough times, it WILL make a difference to someone. Believe me.”- Theresa Marie, proudly serving our US Navy

Theresa is one of my dearest friends. Her quote above is one of the reasons why. That is just the way she is. It is darn near a TAT all by itself. Quotes like that make my job easy. Thanks, Theresa!

Have you noticed the declining abundance of gratitude? Maybe we are so accustomed to a variety of comforts that a situation has to be really extraordinary to elicit a response. Maybe it is the way we raise our kids. We teach children to say “Thank-you” because it is a display of good manners. Perhaps we should place value on gratitude and know that the good manners will be an off shoot of that. Maybe we are just becoming those kinds of people. Whatever the reason, it seems a call to gratitude, even if you already have it in your life, can’t be a bad thing.

Today I want to encourage you to seek out ways in which you can bring more gratitude into your life. Who do we overlook? Who are those people that we complain to the most? Where would a kind word be the biggest benefit? You’ll be amazed at the change you create in others and yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day

Allow me to get a bit sentimental for a moment. Sunday is Mother’s Day, after all.

First, I love being a mommy. It is a beautifully chaotic, wonderfully blissful rollercoaster of untypically typical. Sound crazy? Not if you’re a mommy. Mommies know just what I am talking about.

Second, even if she wasn’t my mom, she would still be my best friend. When things are good, bad or normal – she calls me and I call her. We disagree, we compare ideas, we discuss possibilities, She takes care of me and I hope she knows I would do anything for her.

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. If I could have picked any mom in the world – I would have picked you.

**Today’s quote was pulled from Theresa’s Myspace blog. But I won’t send you there. Instead, check out her brand new blog – The Reticent Butterfly

American Idol Top 4

Alrighty, David A. is going to be your next American Idol. It’s not right, but that’s the way it’s going to go down. Should be David C., but, if we are talking about the way things are supposed to be, Michael Johns should still be gracing the stage and Jason should have been gone a long time ago. But such is life and the popular vote…maybe we should start running primaries and institute an electoral college…wait, I am not crazy about that method either…guess the popular vote will have to do.

So, on to the points…and I do this in the post, not in the comment replies, because I love to give you guys linky love for playing along with me 🙂

Creech is still at -4.

Eric gets +2. One for calling the D&D finals. The other, I will concede that on a previous post, prior to the week that was being judged, he did mention the D&D ending – do you fight this hard in school? I am betting you do. He is at 5.

Kirstengets +2 for making my laugh out loud at the thought of a “Paula Hotline.” She is at 5.

Coco screams up the ranking with a +5 comment. One for the dead on calls on all points, one for the David&David call and 3 for speaking the truth about my dearly missed Michael Johns. She moves up to 7.

And the tie…

Jay gets +3 because I agree with the rundown, he hit the nail on the head calling out Jason’s trip on the Scooby Doo bus, and his wonderful idea to vote Paula off. His total is 10.

Savannah Red had a +2 comment for also identifying the D&D Show down and for agreeing with my husband in the assessment of Emo Brooke – which I don’t hold against her at all. As far as I am concerned, it’s that passion and vulnerability that I like so much about her. His total is also 10.

I guess now that we are down to the final four, I should start thinking about a prize…I’m open to suggestions 😉