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Urgggggg. I must remember this a family friendly blog. My children read this. So, no swearing about the C-R-A-P that is American Idol. I am with Kirsten, surprised…incredibly surprised.

So, Savannah Red was right on about the Andrew Lloyd Webber bit. Love him, but for Idol…ummm, no. He thought they would follow up with Tiny Tim. Ha! They did one better. They followed up with Neil “locked in the disco” Diamond. Don’t get me wrong, “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” (which is destined to be tonight’s group song) is a classic. But, you have 20-somethings and under rallying for the next American pop star crown and you have them sing show tunes and Neil Diamond? Really? Serious?

So, Jay, rant away. I know neither one of us thought Carly was the next American Idol. But Jason Castro is still there and Carly is gone? After he sounded like G-A-R-B-A-G-E and she owned “Jesus Christ Superstar.” *Side Note – Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Ted Neely?

[youtube rDHoTOgeNWE]

Eric, you are a smart fella. But, I think you need to check in with Jay about the power of the pink cell phone. There is no way David Cook and Brooke are together in the finale. Even if that’s the way it should be, that’s not the way it is gonna be (I reference the fact that Michael Johns has already been voted off).


Creech is at -4. One for not understanding that the Idol blog is over at the finale. Another for not knowing that I only watch CBS soap operas and cling to “Survivor” (how about those girls voting off men, with the idol, two weeks in a row!). And two more for thinking that I wring my hands over anything that doesn’t share my DNA or has a similar relationship.

Diana and Coco didn’t make it – they both are hanging tight at 2 points.

Eric gets +3 for sticking to his priorities and making a great effort to jump back in the game…but -1 for his final pick (I’ll call him the default winner if his final two are right). So, he ends up at 3.

Kirsten gets +1 for using the word “coolio.” She is also at 3.

Jay  gets +2 because I know he bit his tongue off – and I am still feeling admiration for the Iz respect. His total is 7.

Savannah Red  takes the lead with a +3 comment. Take your pick as to which part of the tirade you like best. My top three were the shout out to Englebert Humperdinck, Idol ala Ice Capades and knowing enough about me that he could abbreviate PBR and I would know just what he was talking about (free and cold is the best kind!) He leads with 8.

Now, let’s watch the results show and tell Brooke White goodbye…


  1. I’m ashamed to say it, but once I realized that it was going to be “Reverend Blue Jeans” week, I scooted over to the NBA and stayed.

    Brooke needed to go–everytime I saw her recently, it looked like she was either getting ready for a big cry or was just finishing one. I’m sure there is an Aging Emo chapter for her where she’s from.

    I expect it will come down to the Davids, with Cook wearing his AC bracelet, jacket, guitar, and crucifix, to vanquish Archuleta, one of Sauron’s prettier looking Orcs.

  2. Well, Brooke is gone. I liked her, but I honestly think the pressure of another week would have made her head explode. I would buy a CD of her behind the piano tomorrow. But she probably needs to stick to studio recordings and avoid live performances.

    Jason handles the pressure well because I don’t think Jason even knows where he is half the time. Smoking bowl after bowl of weed will do that to you. He really needs to go next week.

    Sayesha will be singing on Broadway within a year.

    David Cook should win, but the force of the pink phone is strong in young Archuleta. It will be close, probably Ruben/Clay like close. The finale will have Seacrest saying, “You new American Idol is David …….. (insert agonizingly long pause here. Cut to each fidgeting and sighing and looking at each other)………. Cook!”

    Now, how can I not say anything about Paula’s big giant F-up. WTH? How can anyone be so stupid? I wish they’d give her a phone number and let us vote her off. I didn’t think it was possible but she just annoys me more and more each week.

  3. Okay, Jason is the dark horse on this. It is his looks and age that have gotten him where he is at.

    Not surprised to see Carly gone… she picked the wrong song… I stand with “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” was a much better choice for her.

    David Cook is starting to make me think of Pearl Jam and David Archuleta is like a Donny Osmond done over… David (one of them) is going to win it… Syesha is likely gone next show… unless Jason makes song choices like Brooke.

    Cook or Archuleta?? Cook needs a band… Archuleta needs a Disney Show.. if Miley wasn’t in such deep trouble now – I would say the two would make the ideal Disney Movie couple.

    Either way – the winner should have been Johns.


  4. I was very sad to see Brooke go. I really love the sound of her voice. I know she is sort of hit or miss, but when she’s on… she is smokin hot! However, I can’t complain too much because I don’t vote.

    As for Paula… perhaps she should get a 900 psychic hotline!

  5. Creechman says:

    I’m going to have to pick it up to do better than -4. :/

  6. I hated to see Brooke go, but that’s okay. The star (David Cook) is still here! I’m with Jay on this one, in that I’d buy a “Brooke behind the piano” cd. Of course, I’ll probably get David Cook’s as well, which is saying a lot since I don’t usually go out and buy the “Idol CD’s”.

    On a side note, I do want to point out that in my previous comment, I stated that the TWO DAVIDS would be in the finals. I thought the final 5 would go down like this:

    Syesha -(I missed this one)
    Jason – final three
    David Arch – final two
    David Cook – winner

    However, if I were judging, I would have had Brooke and David Cook in the finals (although I’d probably revise that now, as Brooke did struggle the last week or two and Syesha has really come out and proven herself).

  7. My favorite amercian idol of all time! XD

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