American Idol Top 6 Minus One

American Idol Top 6 Minus 1

So, I am watching the vote off show before I even have the chance to watch my TiVoed episode from last night. Crap! Well, at any rate, I can tell you that missing Idol was due to a big ole project I promise to reveal very soon. Oooo – mysterious…

But – I have gone through the points…drum roll please

Eric is still hanging out at 1…I am guessing…school work is getting in the way of Idol. Geesh – where are our priorities?

Diana starts off with 2 points. She gushes about Idol AND has more kids than me. That has to count for a point.

Kirsten also has 2 points. Not only did she totally agree with me (and on my blog that gets a point), but just seeing her name makes me smile 🙂

Coco is hanging out with the 2 pointers due to the phenom Hamlet quote she left for me.

Savannah Red gained four points with a total of 5. He is an absolute riot! One of my favorite things about this blogging Idol is his comments. Not to mention he is almost always dead on.

And Jay leads the way up five to a total of 6. Three came from his begging tirade. But, he did have great picks and pegged the Dolly Parton group song. Then there was the bonus two points for giving Iz the respect he deserves.

While you guys watch the the results show, I am gonna watch last night’s performances. So don’t tell me…


  1. Begging and whining can be effective..

    Let us know when we can talk, cause I got something to say!

  2. Hey! Coolio! I have 2 points! I have to say I was a bit surprised by last night’s elimination. I won’t say any more until you have seen it.

    I can’t wait to hear about your big ole project! 🙂

    Creat a great day!

  3. Andrew Lloyd Weber songs. Why not Tiny Tim next week? Maybe Liberace or Englebert Humperdinck? For the love of God, Idol is killing Cheez Doodle eating, PBR drinking, viewers like me.

    American Idol does the Ice Capades.

    Shoot every last one of them.

  4. April,
    You’re right!! I’ve been consumed by class and work, but I made sure to watch last week’s shows and this week’s shows. I hope it’s safe to talk now, because I have got to say that David Cook will win the whole thing! Guaranteed!! (Unless America decides different 😉

    Cook just has it all. he’s showed that he can take any song and make it his own (and sound great doing it), as well as sticking with traditional arrangements.

    I also must say that I like Brooke! I’m glad America kept her, even after her mistake. She just seems pure, down to earth, sweet, and she can sing!

    Finally, I’m making predictions for the rest of the season. I know it kind of depends on how they sing each night, but I think this may be the pecking order:

    Next week – Syesha goes home – I think she’s better than Jason, but Jason is more popular! There must be something about dreadlocks!
    The following week – Brooke goes home – I think Brooke should be top 3 for sure (if not top two), but again, the boys just seem more “popular” with America
    The week after that – Jason goes home – His popularity can’t bring him to final two
    Final episode – “The Battle of the Davids!” – David Cook wins the whole thing with an amazing arrangement of an amazing song

    The above is what I think WILL happen. If it was up to me, it would go down the following way:

    Out first – Jason
    Out next – Syesha
    Out next – David Archuletta
    Top Two – David Cook and Brooke
    Winner David Cook

    Again, sorry for the novel! I can’t wait to see others’ takes!

  5. Creechman says:

    When are U going to get OFF this idol thang? Watch “Survivor” or “General Hospital,” in between wringing real estate hands over the debt foreclosure crisis.

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