Turn Around Tuesday

Happy Anniversary

“If you stop this fight I’ll kill you.” – Rocky Balboa, Rocky I (1976)

The first quote for Turn Around Tuesday was actually from Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

However, for the year anniversary, I thought we we would go to issue two and bring back the perseverance of Rocky. The interesting thing is that, looking at them together this way, I see a relation between the two that I had not noticed before.

I often consider what motivates people to move through the hard moments. What convinces people that going another round, seeing the fight to the end, is a good idea? Where does that inner strength come from?

For many of us, I think it is a great imagination. It is the ability to visualize where you will be if you do, in fact, make it through the road block that is currently in your way. It is the mind’s eye that allows us to see that the gain of the journey is greater than the difficulty in travels.

Today I want to encourage you to imagine where it is you want to be. Wander in your mind for a bit what it looks like. How does it smell? What does it taste like? What do you feel like in that place? Hold on to that idea. When you think it is time to throw in the towel, consider all that you may be missing out on.

Celebrating a full Year of Turn Around Tuesday!

Wow! I can hardly believe a year has gone by. It has been an amazing time and I want to take a minute to thank you all.

When I started TAT, I will admit I hoped it would go well. Really, why else would one start a project hoping otherwise? I knew I wanted to distribute a message that was both real and inspiring. I wanted to be able to talk to people in a real way that recognized the obstacles but encouraged success.

What I didn’t quite expect was the way that intention came back to enhance my own Tuesdays. You all have been generous with your encouragement. I appreciate it more than you know.

I am looking forward to year two and I extend to you the same offer that I did in the beginning. Join me for coffee, feel free to add to the conversation, and contribute topics you would like to see discussed. Turn Around Tuesday would be nothing without you.

This week in history
• April 1, 1700 – April Fool’s Day popularized by English pranksters
• April 2, 2005 – Pope John Paul II dies
• April 3, 1860 – The Pony Express Debuts
• April 4, 1968 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated
• April 6, 1896 – First modern day Olympic Games held

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