April on the Ogeechee

The winds of March are gone for the most part, and the weather is a lot warmer with days in the 80’s. Spring is here. Our Eagles are packing up to go North, and the marsh grass is turning green. This is the last chance ‘til fall to catch a large Striped Bass. Soon they will leave for cooler waters.

Our local animals are very active especially reptiles. I have already encountered two
snakes in my yard, a common rat snake and a milk snake, both harmless, both hunting
rodents along the river’s edge. A few years back I found a Rainbow snake in my back
yard. These beautiful harmless snakes can be found in our local waters, They only
come out at night and eat eels. They can be found in black water swamps and in our brackish water streams.

The color of a Rainbow snake can only be described as bubble-gum pink. These strong snakes will not bite you, and if you scare them they roll over and play dead.

компютриMake sure you read the next issue of Richmond Hill Reflections coming out the last of April. I have an article on Trapper Jack, Jack Douglas, the alligator man!

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