American Idol Top 9

Woo Hoo! How about I am a huge Dolly Parton fan. And it is Dolly Parton night on your American Idol.

Brooke White – One of my favorite Idols doing one of my favorite Dolly songs. I would buy her album today. Who cares what the judges say?

David Cook – Wow! Michael Johns better bring it tonight. He is about to get replaced as my number one pick. He is an absolute genius. Simon says it wasn’t as good as last week. Well, duh! Last week was utterly masterful. Few will ever be as good as David’s last week, much less repeat it.

Ramiele Malubay – Yawn…what else is there to say…next!

Jason Castro – Paula needs a hearing aid. He is done…have a nice day.

Carly Smithson – Again, great vocals – amazing even…but, I am with Jay…there is just something about her. Just not interested…Simon called out her apparel – about time.

David Archuleta – It is amazing how somebody with such a great voice can sound little better to me than nails on a chalkboard. Harsh? Maybe. But I am so tired of listening to anything he has to sing.

Kristie Lee Cook – She has lucked out two weeks in a row with the song selection. And her dress is great. But she definitely does not get my vote. She said she would rather impress Dolly Parton than her momma. What!? I mean, sure it’s Dolly – but never before Momma.

Syesha Mercado – “I Will Always Love You” Ha! As if. Are you kidding She can’t honestly think she can even begin to tackle that song. Can’t even believe she tried this…you already know what they are going to say. She should get voted off just for being stupid.

Michael Johns – Well, it’s a love song…very cool. He gets to stay my favorite for another week. Incredible…best of the evening.

My vote – Ramiele…or really any of them who performed in the middle

Points line up – it is a tie all the way around


  1. Man, oh man. I kept waiting and waiting for who was going to sing Working Nine To Five. I guess I’m glad no one tried it.

    We like Brooke but she rushed Jolene. Can’t rush Jolene.

    David Cook stole the whole I Wouldn’t Know Dolly Parton If She Swacked Me With Her Boobs show.

    The Asian chick doing country did not resonate. See ya!

    • Savannah – we are not that old. I have to believe that people still know who Dolly Parton is. At any rate, Syesha would have done better attempting 9-to-5 than she did singing “I will always love you”

  2. I have a fear that 9 to 5 is going to be the group song on tomorrow’s show.

    David Cook should win the whole enchilada.

    Love Brooke. Agreed her pace was too fast for Jolene, but love her.

    Kristie probably will have folks in Nashville lining up, but her days are numbered. I think she looks like Carrie Underwood – but not in the same class as Carrie.

    I thought little Davy A. was better this week. My 14 year old daughter is in love with him. He ain’t going nowhere.

    Jason should have stopped at Hallelujah.

    Carly can sing, but i just don’t know. Honestly, that tattoo kinda freaks me out and is distracting.

    Syesha – eh. No one but Whitney should ever sing that song again.

    Michael – the wife loves him. I don’t know if it’s his singing or his looks. I’ve liked him since auditions (for the singing….)

    My pick for bottom 3 – Ramiele, Jason, Kristie. And adios Ramiele….

    • Jay, Jason should’ve stopped at the introduction, Syesha is just plain crazy and David can go away. And when I sit down to watch it this evening, I will consider deeply your request for multiple points – greedy 🙂

  3. Well, shoot! With classes, and trying to prep for a vacation, I haven’t had a chance to watch yet. I’m hoping to watch last night’s show late tonight (10:00pm cst) after class. I’ll try to make it back for a little commentary later.

    It is good to here David Cook is still “wowing” everyone! I’m a big fan. Him and Michael.

    I suppose I better make some kind of “blinded” prediction. After reading everyone’s comments, I’ll go with Ramielle getting the boot. I think Jason and Kristie might have a bigger “fanbase” than her.

    • Eric – I am going to take it as a huge compliment that you can pick winners and losers based on my summary. Not to mention that your vote off pick was right as well. You may be also in the running for extra points.

  4. Diana Santos says:

    Yeah! It’s great to hear – through Twitter – that there are OTHERS who watch American Idol. No one in my office does – LOSERS! I look forward to it every week and agree with your remarks. I LOVE being a wife, mother (of 5!!) and a Realtor – but I also need my TV fix – everyday – and AI is one of my favorite!

    • Diana, you should consider changing offices 🙂 it sounds like we have a lot in common and I look forward to getting to know you better.

  5. Surely picking two of the bottom three, the booted one AND the group song is worth more than one point? 😉

  6. I waited with baited breath for this weeks AI post! 😉

    Had to get my predictions in print before the results show:

    Bottom 3:

    Brooke, Carly, Syesha — with Syesha getting walking papers (though I thought she was decent this week. A little pitchy, but all right. 😉 )

  7. Oh, and was it just me, or did David Cook *suck* this week? (He’s still my #1. Dude has talent)

  8. i love david s0o much.. my God..

  9. Callum Harris says:

    David cook has one of the great voices that i have ever heard in american idol~.”

  10. Lucas Parker says:

    everyone wants to watch americal idol because we love to hear beautiful voices. `,-

  11. Watching American Idol gave me the perspective that ther are really lots of talented people out there.-:-

  12. I could say that David Cook deserves to be a winner in American Idol. he posses great talent.-:;

  13. David Cook is way better than that David Archuletta kid`:;

  14. Fluorescent Lamp : says:

    David Cook’s vocal range is very good, i bet that he would be more famous in the future**-

  15. all of the singers that joins American Idol have great talent but most of them are not born to be great .*`

  16. Sectional Garage says:

    both David Cook and David Archuleta are the best in my opinion, they have this unique voice ::*

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