American Idol 10 minus 1

So, I left my computer at the office last night. While it messed up the American Idol blogging, I realized it is probably something I should do more often. Kinda relaxing and liberating when you can’t get online even if you wanted to…

But, I watched Idol, sans the laptop, and I was impressed. The night was a good one. I missed Amanda – a vote off I didn’t see coming at all. But, letting the contestants pick their own genre limited only by the year of their birth produced some great song choices by some great contestants. It also proved that there are some who have done all they can do and it is time for them to go.

Ramiele Malubay – Sang “Alone” and all I could think of was Carrie Underwood. This girl has peaked should be close to done.

Syesha Mercado – I am still not a fan…there is just something about her. But, I would be lying if I didn’t say she did a great job this evening. Not getting voted off just yet. But when it happens – and it will happen – I won’t be disappointed.

Jason Castro – Um…no. It is Sting. Give me a break. Unless you are just that good – pick something else. He can go and his pretty eyes too.

Kristie Lee Cook – Great song choice. Who is gonna bash “Proud to be an American?” Nobody, that’s who. But, she demonstrated she is average at best. I could find a girl in any town across this country to do the exact same thing she did for the opening of any varsity high school sports season.

David Archuleta – I am so done with this kid. I tried really hard to like him, I really did. But, one more “my small, humble voice can save the world song” and I am going to throw up on my keyboard. He was born in 1990 and the best he could do was pick some obscure song that “has a message?” Give me a break and somebody get this kid a clue.

Michael Johns – Queen – brilliant! I loved this performance! Strong, exciting and wonderful. He can pull off a fantastic Freddie Mercury. That is darn near the definition of talent.Brooke White – She looked great and sounded good – even with the slip at the beginning. Great song choice but she should have stayed committed to her change in the arrangement.

Carly Smithson – Hmmm…the jury is out. I love “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” It is one of my favorite songs. And she did nail all the things about the song I love. In my opinion, it is the epitome of raw, feminine passion. But, there’s just something about her…next…

Chikezie – He’ll be back next week and I hope he goes back to that bluesy funk thing he does. His sultry soul crooner thing just doesn’t do it for me.

    David Cook – By far and away one of the best Idol performances ever! I had to rewind it and watch it again. I am a fan and he almost stole Michael Johns’ vote.

    Tonight…hmmm…I would say Kristie but she has an entire genre all to herself…so…nah…I’ll stick with Kristie.


    1. Wow! We are almost on the exact same page. I had many of the same thoughts:
      1) I loved David Archuletta in the beginning. However, I think the “amazement” in his age is gone, and he seems to be continually doing the same type of songs. He can blow….but he won’t win.
      2) Kristy Cook had a brilliant song selection in that no one can vote her off after seeing one of my favorite patriotic songs. She also did sound good, but again, she’ll be voted off soon (although I think she’ll make it this round).
      3) FORCES to be RECKONED WITH:
      – David Cook is amazing! What a performance. They guy is choosing great songs and putting his twist on them. A definite frontrunner
      – Michael Johns is my second frontrunner. The guy is fabulous. He reminds me of a Bono type.
      – Carly and Brooke are my 2nd tier. They are close to the top. I think Carly sounds great, and Brooke is just a breath of fresh air.
      4) Syesha and Chekezie are good, but that’s it. I don’t think they have put themselves above the others the way Michael and David have.
      5) Jason has actually grown on me a bit, but he has gone downhill the last couple weeks. I think he squeaks by this week.
      6) My prediction: Ramielle will be voted out! I think she has a great voice, but unfortunately I didn’t think she sounded good at all. I know she was not feeling well, but I think at this stage in the game, America won’t be able to give her the benefit of the doubt. It’s too bad, because I do think she is better than Jason, Chekezie, and Kristi, but she will probably go!

      Whew…..that was fun! I can’t wait to check out the results. Lucky for me, we have the DVR, so I can watch it late tonight when the kids go to bed!

      Thanks for doing this every week April….It makes it that much more interesting.

      I suppose I better go now… someone else can get a word in!

    2. I was in and out of AI this week and never did really hear a whole song so I appreciate your takes on each one. Bottom line for me–if I can’t sing along or at least hum along you are dead to me.

      I do not appreciate obscurity–at all.

      See ya next week!

    3. Love this season’s AI. I am totally into Michael Johns – David Cook is my second. We are definitely on the same page. I was sad to see Checkezie go. I agree about Syesha – a little too “NYC – Fame School of arts w/charisma” for me – though talented – I think she should have been the one gone.

    4. Syesha trots out the baby talk thing everytime they talk to her and that has creeped me out.

    5. I was afraid I was the only person on the planet that is not-so-enthralled with David A. The kid can sing, and he’s got the teeny-bopper “pink phone” vote locked up. But he’s gone downhill since “Imagine” (which was brilliant).

      I like Brooke a lot (and she’s a local girl!), Carly has an amazing voice but there is something about her (and I can’t even tell you what it is).

      David Cook should win. But so should have Daughtry.

    6. WOW! Great minds and all!

      Eric, you were closer than me this week. You get a point. And you feel free to talk as much as you want – especially since we agree 🙂

      Savannah Red, you called freaky Syesha out – you get a point.

      Coco, hey there lady! Long time no see. I was wondering where the phenom hot mom had gone 🙂 It is great to hear from you again and to hear that we are tracking thought for thought – point for you!

      Jay, Ha! Point of the pink phone reference. I so wish I had thought of that.

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