Turn Around Tuesday

“Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life. “- Rocky Balboa, Rocky IV (1985)

As I approach the first birthday of TAT, I have been fortunate to receive quite a few congratulatory emails. More often than not, they contain a common sentiment and it falls into this vein.

“Wow! That first year. I remember that. All the ups and downs, trials and successes, joys and frustrations.”

I can’t help but think about how awful life would be if we threw in the towel whenever the going got tough. I can’t imagine what it would be like if the first couple bruises and hard hits that connected on the chin scared us off.

More importantly, what effect would it have on our character if we never allowed ourselves to be tested and stretched? What type of people would we be if we refused to stare down adversity and difficulty? What would we be able to claim as a individual if we never placed ourselves in the position to see just what we are made of?

Today I do not encourage reckless behavior. But I will encourage a healthy dose of, “What would happen if I tried…”and “I wonder if I could…” Do that thing you know you should do but have hesitated out of unchecked caution. Question the procrastination of the hard task. Consider what would happen if you tackled the big project. Know that there is support when you need it and a victory in the journey.

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Next week we will celebrate the first birthday of Turn Around Tuesday. Lots of well wishes and encouragement has flowed in and I sure do appreciate it.

Earlier in the month, I celebrated my bloggy birthday at Making Life Work for You and My Beautiful Chaos. I had been looking forward to that milestone and appreciate you all joining in the excitement.

However, this week our family celebrates some birthdays that are even more special. My handsome husband has his day Friday and our oldest daughter follows on Sunday – she is going to be eleven! How in the world does that happen? I really do say that every year. It is just amazing to watch it all happen so fast…

So, happy, happy birthday all the way around! Let’s all have a slice of cake!

This week in history

  • March 26, 1953 – Dr. Jonas Salks announces the polio vaccination
  • March 27, 1929 – NASCAR is born
  • March 30, 1870 – Fifteenth Amendment adopted
  • March 31, 1889 – Eiffel Tower opens


  1. Wade Young says:

    “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life. “- Rocky Balboa, Rocky IV (1985)

    I think too many people stop digging when they are three feet from hitting gold.

    Obama’s tax returns were just released. They show a dramatic increase in income over just a few years, most of it from book royalties from his best selling books. I didn’t even know he wrote books. I bet he’s glad that he did. If he had never took the time to write a book, he would have stopped three feet from hitting gold.

    • Wade – How many times do you think each of us have done that? Stopped just short…almost there but not quite moving to the next level…

  2. You mentioned “What would happen if I tried…”and “I wonder if I could…” which made me recall those times when I faced uncertainties…these were the same questions that I asked on myself. I was able to determine the things that I can risk and those that I can not afford to lose by simply answering these questions. Doing business is a risk and more often that not, those that hit big are the risk-takers; but of course, it is very critical for every person to know when and when not to risk something.

    • forbruglan – I think you’ve hit on the very important point. Determining acceptable risk and deciding exactly how much is to much is an important part of the process. While we may know where we want to be, it is just as crucial to know what we will and won’t do to get there.

  3. Hi April,

    Great stuff…

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    Keep up the good work!


    • Tammy, thank you so much for your encouragement. I will admit I have been very busy lately, but I’m always interested in new forms of social media. I look forward to checking out your site and hope to see you back here soon.

  4. The Rocky metaphor says to me that often that which is worth fighting for will take us far beyond the scrapes and bruises to black eyes, busted ribs and blood everywhere … not to mention bone-weariness. And yet what else is there if not for “this” (whatever “this” is to each of us)?

    Happy Birthday!

    • Pete, thanks for the well wishes. I hear you suggesting to leave it all on the field. I have to agree — if we don’t do that now in this life, then when?

  5. I am always happy seeing people who successfully reached their first year in doing anything. For me it is really a milestone that should be celebrated or at least be thankful for. Although any endeavor requires continuous learning, doing the same endeavor for at least a year means that you already learned a lot from it and that you overcame the risks associated in starting an endeavor.

    • Online – it was really exciting for me as well. And I do think that the year achievement is something to be proud of. There is no doubt that I have learned a lot and have gotten through some hurdles. However, I am sure there is still much to do, learn and overcome. I look forward to getting to know you better while I do that.

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