Turn Around Tuesday

“Ah come on, Adrian, it’s true. I was nobody. But that don’t matter either, you know? ‘Cause I was thinkin’, it really don’t matter if I lose this fight. It really don’t matter if this guy opens my head, either. ‘Cause all I wanna do is go the distance. Nobody’s ever gone the distance with Creed, and if I can go that distance, you see, and that ain’t just another bum from the neighborhood.”- Rocky Balboa, Rocky I (1976)

“All I want to do is go the distance.” Hmm. There is a lesson there. In fact, there are probably a few.

I have watched four children learn to walk. It happened for each of them at different times and in different ways. Some got frustrated easier and others didn’t seem to mind falling down. The one constant is obviously that none of them gave up.

We all have different definitions of success. It could be a first step, a new business, a marathon, a vacation or just being able to turn off your cell phone. Whatever that definition is, what ever that accomplishment looks like, you will never get there if you stop moving forward.

“All I want to do is go the distance.” There is something to be said for tenacity. It is a testament of character to continue on against adversity, against difficulty and on to the destination. There is something to be said for going the distance.

I want to encourage you to define your definition of success and continue to move forward. Realize that things get hard and some things don’t go as planned. But the end will never be realized if we don’t commit to going the distance.

Easter Extravaganza at J.F. Gregory Park

Easter is coming earlier this year. It hasn’t been this early since the early 1900’s. No worries, though. The New Beginnings Church, along with tons of community support, is ready with the Easter Extravaganza.

Festivities will kick off at 11am this Saturday at J.F. Gregory Park. There will be lots of activities and fun for the whole family.

Included in the afternoon is a massive Easter egg hunt with a count that is close to 15,000. The Easter Bunny will be there and available for pictures. Other entertainment and food will offered.

You can well imagine an event this size takes a lot of work. If you are able to volunteer – especially in hiding all those eggs – give the church a call at 912.308.7635,

My family hopes to see yours there.

This week in history

  • March 19, 1831 – First U.S. Bank heist
  • March 20, 1965 – Lyndon Johnson sends federal troops to Alabama to supervise a civil rights march
  • March 21 1983 – Little House on the Prairie comes to an end
  • March 24, 1989 – Exxon Valdez runs aground in southern Alaska


  1. April,
    What a great post! I love your closing words: “Realize that things get hard and some things don’t go as planned. But the end will never be realized if we don’t commit to going the distance.”

    Perseverance is what takes us places! It keeps us going when those “hard to reach” goals and “unplanned events” grow tough! And, you are right, that each of us needs to define our own definition of success.

    I came up with my “recipe for success” in a blogpost the other day. I would love to see what ingredients would make it into your recipe!! Here’s my link: http://leadershipramblings.blogspot.com/2008/03/recipe-for-success.html

    Thanks for a great post April! I’ve really been enjoying your lessons learned from “Rocky.” What a great series (both the movies and the posts)!

    • Eric – Thanks! I will head over to your post and see what’s going on. Haven’t made it my feed reader yet today. You are always a “must read.”

      Rock’s great ain’t he?

  2. Noticed something REALLY odd in your feed, so I decided to check out what the actual post looks like…

    Turns out that in the first quoted paragraph, you’ve got a BUNCH of links to poker sites, but they have a weird code I’ve never seen before that hides them on screen but includes them in your feed. If you look at the code between the words:
    “if I can go that distance, you see, and that…” and
    “bell rings and I’m still standin’,”
    you’ll see a bunch of links to poker sites. The odd part is that the links begin with the code “”, which (apparently) stops them from showing up on screen. Although, as I said, they do show up when I see your feed in Google Reader and they do show up if you try to cut-and-paste this section of text into another document (like this comment field as I tried to do a few seconds ago!)

    Anyway, I’m not sure what SEO harm might come from these links, but it can’t be good… and it probably serves as a warning to not cut-and-paste from whatever source you were using to get that quote!


    • Dustin – Thanks so much! I found it and fixed it. The bizarre thing is I had the quotes saved in a Notepad file and copied them from there. They weren’t there when I copied it and not in the newsletter that I wrote with the same quote. I have no idea how it got there. Makes the whole thing very interesting.

      At any rate, I really appreciate you looking out and letting me know.

  3. congratulations! you have a beautiful blog…i think you have a beautiful life, too. take care and God bless you!

    • Sigroid – I really appreciate that! I am in love with my life and the journey it encompasses. I hope to see you around here again!

  4. Dear April,

    Just superb! You know what I like? Just Guess…

    You just opened up and exposed the thing other can never. A thing about deep sense. Normally people could not think up to they got the probable answer. First time I realize that there is someone who think like me or I think like you. Actually it is amazing for me…just superb..nothing else.

    • Quality – Thank you so much for your kind words. I think self awareness is such an important thing. Honesty is important in our dealings with others and life saving when we exercise it with ourselves. I am glad you enjoyed your time here and hope to see you around again.

  5. No problem April… I’m glad you found and fixed it. I found it really odd because I’ve never seen anything like that!

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