American Idol Top 11

American Idol Top 11

Last week, David Hernandez got the boot. Neither Savannah Red nor myself called that one. Eric wimped out and wouldn’t pick 😉 Maybe he’ll change his mind this week and play along. Maybe you will too.

Amanda Overmyer – First up is one of my favorites. The thing I like about her is that she knows just who she is. She looks like she has been doing this forever. Tonight is no exception.

  • Randy – bit pitchy, but good
  • Paula – timing a bit off, but she is wonderful
  • Simon – predictable, same thing week after week

Kristie Lee Cook – Trying to bounce back from what most saw as a disastrous week…I dunno. I liked last week. I am not crazy about tonight. She seems to be a bit off.

  • Randy – needed more emotion
  • Paula – a little safe
  • Simon – not a good performer but better this week

David Archuleta – Tonight he is concentrating on the positives…hope he does better this week than last week. Maybe he will remember most of the lyrics. What a phenom voice this kid has. I wish I liked him more. There is just something about him. He’s good…maybe I’ll reconsider it in about 5 years.

  • Randy – brought the hotness
  • Paula – most exciting because of the purity
  • Simon – amazing

Michael Johns – My favorite. Here’s hoping. And there he goes. This guy just gets it. This is the reason he is my favorite.

  • Randy – not his best.
  • Paula – better in dress rehearsal
  • Simon – a mess

*Guess it goes without saying that I totally disagree

Brooke White – One of my top three. Her voice is way better than her dance moves. She seems so awkward moving around. I don’t care – she sounds great!

  • Randy – awkward
  • Paula – Can’t help but smile when I hear you sing
  • Simon – terrible

David Cook – One of those truly talented guys. What is that other mic for? He is doing a great job. That’s what it’s for! Very cool! My favorite performance of the night so far.

  • Randy – solid look for David Cook
  • Paula – ready to go sell records
  • Simon – don’t think it’s at good as you thought it was (maybe he is talking to me?)

Carly Smithson – Her top is horrid. But she sounds really good. She is really subtle. I am waiting for it to get big. I am sure it is coming soon. There it was a bit. I am thinking the judges will love it. I am kinda neutral

  • Randy – another great performance
  • Paula – amazing tone
  • Simon – didn’t like the song choice at all (I would have to agree)

Jason Castro – Ugh! Unless something amazing happens in the next 30 sec…what was he thinking? Awful. First performance I hated.

  • Randy – I don’t know
  • Paula – disconnected when away from the guitar
  • Simon – lucky it’s TV and not radio

Syesha Mercado – I am just not a fan…she sounds really good. I have just never connected to her. Not a person I enjoy watching. I am sure I am in the minority.

  • Randy – very, very, very good
  • Paula – beautiful
  • Simon – probably her best performance so far

Chikezie – I am warming up to him a bit. Don’t know how I feel about this performance. I’ll sit the fence. It was a bit much. Maybe a little touch of “trying to hard”

  • Randy – Strange
  • Paula – Showing his depth
  • Simon – harmonica was atrocious

Ramiele Malubay – Not sure what she was thinking when she was getting dressed. And I am not sure about the song. Her vocals are usually great. If ever there was a time Simon should use the word “karaoke”, it’s now.

  • Randy – wasn’t jumping up and down, but it was alright
  • Paula – better than last week
  • Simon – sounded very amateurish

So…who’s going home…hmmm…I think Savannah Red may have just been a week early. My money is on Kristie Lee Cook.


  1. Well shoot…I was late on this. Sorry I didn’t check in last week. I liked Amanda as well, but I didn’t think she could win. There are a few “better” singers in the competition. But, like you, I liked that she knew exactly who she was.

    I’ll make sure to check back this week and give you my prediction on the next one out.

    • Eric – I agree, I don’t think she would have won…but I sure do wish she could have stayed around a bit longer. I look forward to your prediction tonight!

  2. Yes, I am the witness of this show. Never forget to amanda..never…

  3. I really enjoyed the top 5 American idol group song last night. It was sad to see Aaron Kelly eliminated but I think the other singers were better singers hence he had to go!

  4. Mandi Gurke says:

    I saw American Idol winner Lee has recently signed up to RCA records. I cannot wait to get his upcoming album.

  5. Mariel Izzo says:

    I consider Donald Trump would be a much better American Idol judge compared with Harry Connick Jr. – Trump is not afraid to voice what he thinks and can be as controversial as Simon Cowell.

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