American Idol minus 1 to 11

So, Jim Carey is in the audience has showed up as a cracked out version of “Horton Hears a Who.” Interesting.

I do love Idol…but I think they really drag these result shows out. But, I will watch every minute of it anyway.

  • Carly is…safe
  • Michael is…safe
  • Jason is….safe
  • Syesha is…in the bottom three
  • Chikezie is…safe (miss another for me)
  • David Cook is…safe
  • Kristie is…in the bottom three (Savannah Red may be right)

This call in thing is kinda stupid…not really feeling it…

Katharine McPhee…didn’t like on when she was on Idol (better than Chris Daughtry my foot) and I still think she is incredibly typical and overrated…next…

Jim Carey is a weirdo…

  • David Archuleta is…safe
  • Brooke is…safe
  • Ramiele is…safe
  • David Hernandez is…in the bottom three (he is my pick to go home!)

David Hernandez is GOING HOME!

Savannah Red – 0
Beautiful Chaos – 0

We will try again next week…care to join us?


  1. Crap. I missed the songs from Herandez and the Ramiele chick the other night.

    Still, nothing was as bad as the Barnyard Beatles, IMHO.

    • Savannah Red – HA! Too funny. I am wondering what she is going to do next week. She has got to be all kind of confused about what she is going to do now.

      And if that’s what you missed, you didn’t miss much. I really like Ramiele, but she wasn’t great this time.

  2. April,
    My wife and I are big Idol fans as well. This season has a lot of good talent in it. I really like David Cook and Brooke. Also, the australian and the Irish are quite talented. And, David Archuletta…Unbelievable for his age (except that he forgot some lyrics…oops)!

    I don’t have a favorite right now, because there are just too many good ones this year. This one has been much better than the last couple years!

    • Eric – my beloved and I were talking about the same thing. Lots of talent. It is amazing. I am glad to see it. I was fairly disappointed with last year. This year is shaping up much better.

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