American Idol Top 12

I LOVE American Idol. I don’t care about “guilty pleasure,” reality bites, brain numbing traits of TV. I have been wanting to blog it as a regular thing for a while. But, until now, it was just on too often, there were too many people and basically filled with disposable material. Don’t even tell me that American Idol is all disposable – your comment will be deleted 🙂

I *heart* American Idol. And it is on right now.

Not crazy about the Beatles (which is the theme for tonight) but, I am betting it will be great.

Syesha Mercado – I have never been real crazy about her. Voice is great, no doubt, but incredibly typical. So far tonight is no exception. I am predicting Simon will hate it -no matter how cute she is. She should be on a cruise ship.

  • Randy – alright
  • Paula – looks great
  • Simon – thought she was better than last week (miss one for me) but she looked nervous

Chikezie – He keeps getting better every week. I wasn’t sure about him in the beginning. But it is performances like this one and the one last week are making me reconsider. The next American Idol? Probably not – but I am glad he is still here. This is a great performance.

  • Randy – He smashed it
  • Paula – Really liked it
  • Simon – Agrees with the other two

*Ryan is a big goof ball

Ramiele Malubay – I liked her from the beginning. Cute little girl with a big, talented filled voice. Wow! Those are some great shoes! So far, it has been real low key…waiting…waiting…never happened. Dern. It was okay…but I am left wanting…but I appreciate the shoes.

  • Randy – feels just like me
  • Paula – pretty safe
  • Simon – bored to tears

Jason Castro – Great eyes, great hair and he is another getting better every week. I thought he was phenomenal last week and now we will see. The guitar is back. He is so interesting. His voice is different. Could go either way, but I liked it.

  • Randy – liked it, didn’t love it
  • Paula – disagrees with Randy because she can feel Jason’s heart *enter soft music*
  • Simon – A little student in the bedroom at midnight

*As heard on a Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader commercial – “You look more confused than a cow on astro-turf.”

Carly Smithson – Always liked her. Voice is awesome although she always has to make these weird faces when she grabs those big notes. No worries – the neato tats will make up for that. Holy cow! She is rocking this song! I think she has been signing in a mirror – the facial expressions are toned down.

  • Randy – Steller
  • Paula – felt like she was watching a star
  • Simon – right song – reminds him of the transformation of Kelly Clarkson

David Cook – The rocker minus the guitar. He usually sounds really good and very interesting. Tonight I think he picked the wrong song. Ended pretty strong, but he should of picked something else.

  • Randy – did good once he hit the chorus
  • Paula – thinks he is fantastic
  • Simon – though it was brilliant – thinks he could win based on talent

Brooke White – One of my favorites. I would by an album from her. Her voice is so engaging. She’s playing the piano and sounding real good. Little typical…she turned it up a bit at the end. I liked it. She has so much emotion in her sound.

  • Randy – loves her conviction
  • Paula – This is her niche
  • Simon – One of the best performances of the night

David Hernandez – I dunno – he has a great voice…but I can’t get past the eyebrow thing he does. He looks like he used to be stripper or something. He doesn’t sound very good at all tonight. Not impressed.

  • Randy – too over done
  • Paula – agrees with Randy
  • Simon – corny verging on desperate

Amanda Overmyer – One of my top three. I think she is great! I am sitting here during the commercial hoping great things for her. Woo Hoo! This is why I love her! I am so waiting for her to do a Tina Turner song. Favorite of the night!

  • Randy – rocked it out
  • Paula – she is a star up there
  • Simon – didn’t think it was as good as last week. But she is a breath of fresh air

Michael Johns – another one of my top three and my favorite guy. Brilliant…there is nothing else to say about what he just did up there…except maybe brilliant.

  • Randy – thought he could have changed it up a bit
  • Paula – disagrees and used my word “brilliant” – twice
  • Simon – agrees with Randy

Kristy Lee Cook – Maybe the country girl of the competition if she would just embrace it. Sounds like she might. Wow! I am not a big fan but this is fun. Complete with fiddles and all. This suits her and I hope she sticks with it. This is just what she needs to do.

  • Randy – liked the idea – vocally he thought it was a half-halfer
  • Paula – OMG! She didn’t like it. I don’t know that I have ever heard that out of her
  • Simon – Thought it was hideous – I have to disagree.

David Archuleta – What a talented kid. I hope he does well. Ooops – a bit of forgotten lyrics there…that hurts…especially since the whole thing sounds a bit corny anyway. He’s trying to redeem himself…ummm…nah. Not tonight. Maybe next week.

  • Randy – not on point
  • Paula – not his best week
  • Simon – it was a mess

My guess…Chikezie, although he had a great night, will get the last performance call tomorrow.

What’s your guess?


  1. I was so beat that I was asleep for the first half–so I missed doing my write up. But I think Chekezie killed tonight (Thank God for DVR!).

    The chick who did country Beatles is going home. Country and Beatles goes together like peaches and horsecrap, by the way.

    • Savannah – I agree that Chikezie had a great night…I just don’t think he has the following to pull it off…too little to late maybe.

      I didn’t think Kristie was bad. I liked the country thing. But, then again, I like country and not so much the Beatles. We shall see…

      Do you have any picks?

  2. Hi April, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    Your comment about “not content,” April sounds like the ego. You heart is much bigger than the ego. So yes you can fully love and accept yourself and at the same time realize you have more work to do to be all that you long to be.

    Keep up the graciousness and kindness to self and enjoying the journey because there is much to be grateful for and joyous about.


    • Joseph – you are more than welcome 🙂 Me and ego!?? Nooooo 😉 I hear what your saying and I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts.


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