Pressing the Reset Button

Pressing the Reset Button

The neat thing about life is the way it ebbs and flows. We have moments of intense success and lulls of want. We find ourselves moving at the speed of light and at a turtle’s speed. To me, this variety creates excitement and movement. However, many of us, myself included, mistake this activity for the occasional reset needed to remain productive and on top of your game.

Let me explain – my laptop is my friend and we spend a lot of time together. This means it is often on and working – processing data, keeping things moving, holding onto important information. It works well. However, I have to take some time every once in a while to run the defrag, shut it down and let it restart. This is usually most important after a big run of work.

I have found myself in this same situation. A big move, some big projects and a new big position. While it all fits well into my current path, it took some time to ramp the “new” up so that it had enough momentum to run with the “old.” This wrecked my schedule. And while we all know that I am not a strickly scheduled individual, I do require some level of structure. All that went out the window over the past two months.

Once the dust had settled, I required a reset. I needed to defrag, power down and start back up. That is just what I did. I skipped the Friday night hang out at my folks house. I stayed in most of the weekend. I caught up on some house keeping, both on and off line. I watched movies with my family. I spent some time with a friend. I slept in Saturday and Sunday (for as long as the kids would allow) and I got to bed before 11pm last night.

I am ready to go.

  • Have you ever found yourself in need of a reset?
  • Do you need one now?
  • What does it look like?


  1. “Have you ever found yourself in need of a reset?” You better believe it sista. 🙂

    This weekend, it’s going to require some gardening to reset my feeling of being organised and top of stuff … and a leisurely walk along the local beach just staring at water to reboot my brain.

    Good question and great new look on the site!!

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