March: A Great Time To Explore The Ogeechee

March: A Great Time To Explore The Ogeechee

Make sure to read more of Angus’ great observations in the Richmond Hill Reflections Magazine.

Soon it will be time to get your boat ready for the annual boating journey to St. Catherine’s Island for the Memorial Day weekend which isn’t that far away. Why not get out before this for an early spring adventure on the Ogeechee?

March is the month to experience this wonderful river without jet skies, insects, excess heat or lots of other boaters. One thing you can expect to see on a warm March day are big alligators basking in the warm sunlight. These cold blooded reptiles are just warming up from hibernation and can be seen all along the river’s edge on the Chatham County side of the river.

Another is the American Bald Eagles who have not made their spring migration to the North yet, so they can still be seen from Ft. McAllister to the Ford Plantation Marina. There are nests between Cape Hardwick and Mill Run, and another active nest is located near Val Ambrosia Canal.

Osprey can be seen all along the river, getting their nests ready for the spring hatch. Eagles and osprey don’t get along and for good reason! You may be able to watch an eagle attack an osprey in mid air, causing the osprey to drop its just caught fish. After the attack the eagle will sweep down and catch the osprey’s dinner just before it hits the surface of the Ogeechee.

Otters are still in our waters. When passing a ditch or canal travel slowly and keep your
eyes open. I doubt you will see any of the hundreds of wild hogs hiding in the marsh
grass along the river’s edge, but if you cut your engine and drift you may be able to hear them and many of the other sounds of the marsh.

You owe it to yourself to take time to smell the marsh mud and watch the tide turn on a
warm spring day on the Ogeechee.


  1. Your article has motivated me to get my boat ready for the spring. I can’t wait for temperatures to pick up just another 5-10 degrees…

    Bald eagles in Richmond Hill? I had no idea. I guess it is time to get off the computer and explore the Ogeechee River!

  2. Andy – Angus is good at telling a story 🙂 And it should be getting plenty warm enough here soon!

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