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American Idol 10 minus 1

So, I left my computer at the office last night. While it messed up the American Idol blogging, I realized it is probably something I should do more often. Kinda relaxing and liberating when you can’t get online even if you wanted to…

But, I watched Idol, sans the laptop, and I was impressed. The night was a good one. I missed Amanda – a vote off I didn’t see coming at all. But, letting the contestants pick their own genre limited only by the year of their birth produced some great song choices by some great contestants. It also proved that there are some who have done all they can do and it is time for them to go.

Ramiele Malubay – Sang “Alone” and all I could think of was Carrie Underwood. This girl has peaked should be close to done.

Syesha Mercado – I am still not a fan…there is just something about her. But, I would be lying if I didn’t say she did a great job this evening. Not getting voted off just yet. But when it happens – and it will happen – I won’t be disappointed.

Jason Castro – Um…no. It is Sting. Give me a break. Unless you are just that good – pick something else. He can go and his pretty eyes too.

Kristie Lee Cook – Great song choice. Who is gonna bash “Proud to be an American?” Nobody, that’s who. But, she demonstrated she is average at best. I could find a girl in any town across this country to do the exact same thing she did for the opening of any varsity high school sports season.

David Archuleta – I am so done with this kid. I tried really hard to like him, I really did. But, one more “my small, humble voice can save the world song” and I am going to throw up on my keyboard. He was born in 1990 and the best he could do was pick some obscure song that “has a message?” Give me a break and somebody get this kid a clue.

Michael Johns – Queen – brilliant! I loved this performance! Strong, exciting and wonderful. He can pull off a fantastic Freddie Mercury. That is darn near the definition of talent.Brooke White – She looked great and sounded good – even with the slip at the beginning. Great song choice but she should have stayed committed to her change in the arrangement.

Carly Smithson – Hmmm…the jury is out. I love “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” It is one of my favorite songs. And she did nail all the things about the song I love. In my opinion, it is the epitome of raw, feminine passion. But, there’s just something about her…next…

Chikezie – He’ll be back next week and I hope he goes back to that bluesy funk thing he does. His sultry soul crooner thing just doesn’t do it for me.

    David Cook – By far and away one of the best Idol performances ever! I had to rewind it and watch it again. I am a fan and he almost stole Michael Johns’ vote.

    Tonight…hmmm…I would say Kristie but she has an entire genre all to herself…so…nah…I’ll stick with Kristie.

    Turn Around Tuesday

    “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life. “- Rocky Balboa, Rocky IV (1985)

    As I approach the first birthday of TAT, I have been fortunate to receive quite a few congratulatory emails. More often than not, they contain a common sentiment and it falls into this vein.

    “Wow! That first year. I remember that. All the ups and downs, trials and successes, joys and frustrations.”

    I can’t help but think about how awful life would be if we threw in the towel whenever the going got tough. I can’t imagine what it would be like if the first couple bruises and hard hits that connected on the chin scared us off.

    More importantly, what effect would it have on our character if we never allowed ourselves to be tested and stretched? What type of people would we be if we refused to stare down adversity and difficulty? What would we be able to claim as a individual if we never placed ourselves in the position to see just what we are made of?

    Today I do not encourage reckless behavior. But I will encourage a healthy dose of, “What would happen if I tried…”and “I wonder if I could…” Do that thing you know you should do but have hesitated out of unchecked caution. Question the procrastination of the hard task. Consider what would happen if you tackled the big project. Know that there is support when you need it and a victory in the journey.

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

    Next week we will celebrate the first birthday of Turn Around Tuesday. Lots of well wishes and encouragement has flowed in and I sure do appreciate it.

    Earlier in the month, I celebrated my bloggy birthday at Making Life Work for You and My Beautiful Chaos. I had been looking forward to that milestone and appreciate you all joining in the excitement.

    However, this week our family celebrates some birthdays that are even more special. My handsome husband has his day Friday and our oldest daughter follows on Sunday – she is going to be eleven! How in the world does that happen? I really do say that every year. It is just amazing to watch it all happen so fast…

    So, happy, happy birthday all the way around! Let’s all have a slice of cake!

    This week in history

    • March 26, 1953 – Dr. Jonas Salks announces the polio vaccination
    • March 27, 1929 – NASCAR is born
    • March 30, 1870 – Fifteenth Amendment adopted
    • March 31, 1889 – Eiffel Tower opens

    American Idol Top 11

    Last week, David Hernandez got the boot. Neither Savannah Red nor myself called that one. Eric wimped out and wouldn’t pick 😉 Maybe he’ll change his mind this week and play along. Maybe you will too.

    Amanda Overmyer – First up is one of my favorites. The thing I like about her is that she knows just who she is. She looks like she has been doing this forever. Tonight is no exception.

    • Randy – bit pitchy, but good
    • Paula – timing a bit off, but she is wonderful
    • Simon – predictable, same thing week after week

    Kristie Lee Cook – Trying to bounce back from what most saw as a disastrous week…I dunno. I liked last week. I am not crazy about tonight. She seems to be a bit off.

    • Randy – needed more emotion
    • Paula – a little safe
    • Simon – not a good performer but better this week

    David Archuleta – Tonight he is concentrating on the positives…hope he does better this week than last week. Maybe he will remember most of the lyrics. What a phenom voice this kid has. I wish I liked him more. There is just something about him. He’s good…maybe I’ll reconsider it in about 5 years.

    • Randy – brought the hotness
    • Paula – most exciting because of the purity
    • Simon – amazing

    Michael Johns – My favorite. Here’s hoping. And there he goes. This guy just gets it. This is the reason he is my favorite.

    • Randy – not his best.
    • Paula – better in dress rehearsal
    • Simon – a mess

    *Guess it goes without saying that I totally disagree

    Brooke White – One of my top three. Her voice is way better than her dance moves. She seems so awkward moving around. I don’t care – she sounds great!

    • Randy – awkward
    • Paula – Can’t help but smile when I hear you sing
    • Simon – terrible

    David Cook – One of those truly talented guys. What is that other mic for? He is doing a great job. That’s what it’s for! Very cool! My favorite performance of the night so far.

    • Randy – solid look for David Cook
    • Paula – ready to go sell records
    • Simon – don’t think it’s at good as you thought it was (maybe he is talking to me?)

    Carly Smithson – Her top is horrid. But she sounds really good. She is really subtle. I am waiting for it to get big. I am sure it is coming soon. There it was a bit. I am thinking the judges will love it. I am kinda neutral

    • Randy – another great performance
    • Paula – amazing tone
    • Simon – didn’t like the song choice at all (I would have to agree)

    Jason Castro – Ugh! Unless something amazing happens in the next 30 sec…what was he thinking? Awful. First performance I hated.

    • Randy – I don’t know
    • Paula – disconnected when away from the guitar
    • Simon – lucky it’s TV and not radio

    Syesha Mercado – I am just not a fan…she sounds really good. I have just never connected to her. Not a person I enjoy watching. I am sure I am in the minority.

    • Randy – very, very, very good
    • Paula – beautiful
    • Simon – probably her best performance so far

    Chikezie – I am warming up to him a bit. Don’t know how I feel about this performance. I’ll sit the fence. It was a bit much. Maybe a little touch of “trying to hard”

    • Randy – Strange
    • Paula – Showing his depth
    • Simon – harmonica was atrocious

    Ramiele Malubay – Not sure what she was thinking when she was getting dressed. And I am not sure about the song. Her vocals are usually great. If ever there was a time Simon should use the word “karaoke”, it’s now.

    • Randy – wasn’t jumping up and down, but it was alright
    • Paula – better than last week
    • Simon – sounded very amateurish

    So…who’s going home…hmmm…I think Savannah Red may have just been a week early. My money is on Kristie Lee Cook.

    Turn Around Tuesday

    “Ah come on, Adrian, it’s true. I was nobody. But that don’t matter either, you know? ‘Cause I was thinkin’, it really don’t matter if I lose this fight. It really don’t matter if this guy opens my head, either. ‘Cause all I wanna do is go the distance. Nobody’s ever gone the distance with Creed, and if I can go that distance, you see, and that ain’t just another bum from the neighborhood.”- Rocky Balboa, Rocky I (1976)

    “All I want to do is go the distance.” Hmm. There is a lesson there. In fact, there are probably a few.

    I have watched four children learn to walk. It happened for each of them at different times and in different ways. Some got frustrated easier and others didn’t seem to mind falling down. The one constant is obviously that none of them gave up.

    We all have different definitions of success. It could be a first step, a new business, a marathon, a vacation or just being able to turn off your cell phone. Whatever that definition is, what ever that accomplishment looks like, you will never get there if you stop moving forward.

    “All I want to do is go the distance.” There is something to be said for tenacity. It is a testament of character to continue on against adversity, against difficulty and on to the destination. There is something to be said for going the distance.

    I want to encourage you to define your definition of success and continue to move forward. Realize that things get hard and some things don’t go as planned. But the end will never be realized if we don’t commit to going the distance.

    Easter Extravaganza at J.F. Gregory Park

    Easter is coming earlier this year. It hasn’t been this early since the early 1900’s. No worries, though. The New Beginnings Church, along with tons of community support, is ready with the Easter Extravaganza.

    Festivities will kick off at 11am this Saturday at J.F. Gregory Park. There will be lots of activities and fun for the whole family.

    Included in the afternoon is a massive Easter egg hunt with a count that is close to 15,000. The Easter Bunny will be there and available for pictures. Other entertainment and food will offered.

    You can well imagine an event this size takes a lot of work. If you are able to volunteer – especially in hiding all those eggs – give the church a call at 912.308.7635,

    My family hopes to see yours there.

    This week in history

    • March 19, 1831 – First U.S. Bank heist
    • March 20, 1965 – Lyndon Johnson sends federal troops to Alabama to supervise a civil rights march
    • March 21 1983 – Little House on the Prairie comes to an end
    • March 24, 1989 – Exxon Valdez runs aground in southern Alaska

    Happy Bloggy Birthday!

    Blogging is an amazing thing. I didn’t realize what I was getting into when I started this a year ago. The thought when I started was pretty basic. I needed a way to promote my real estate website, market myself and I would get to write on a regular basis.

    How limited those thoughts were and reflect just how much I didn’t know about blogging.

    In the beginning, I thought I would join the impressive rank of real estate bloggers – or at least copy what they did in an attempt to remotely resemble the brilliance. I quickly realized that wasn’t my way. My approach is different and my way is different. The blog transformed into a place to discuss development, practices and general improvement. It is comfortable for me and it seems to work. After all, we have made it to the first birthday.

    I am looking forward to year two here and over at My Beautiful Chaos. I am looking forward to talking with you more and meeting new folks that add to the discussion.

    Big thanks to those walking with me while I follow those big dreams!

    Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Chaos

    That’s right gang! We made it to our first bloggy birthday. I can hardly believe it. It also happens to be the birthday of Making Life Work for You. Both blogs started on Typepad, which was great software, but didn’t quite suit my needs. So, after a great conversation with Chris Cree, I shifted to WordPress and here we are.

    I am really appreciative for this bloggy thing. I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet some awesome people. If I even begin to list, I know I will forget.

    But I will talk a minute about Lani. She is my phenom bloggy buddy that hangs out with me here on MBC. I don’t know what I would do without her. And that extends far beyond what she does here. She has been balancing, inspiring, motivating and encouraging. Not to mention she is incredibly brilliant. If you haven’t read her stuff over at RE Revealed, Agent Genius, or Bloodhound, you are missing out.

    So, happy birthday My Beautiful Chaos…you are learning to walk and I can’t wait to see how year 2 goes.

    Drinks on Sunday

    In case you missed it in yesterday’s edition of Bryan County News, there has been a referendum submitted to the city. The measure would allow eateries in town to serve alcohol on Sundays – not the bars or the package stores – but places where you go to eat.

    The measure was proposed by the owner of Molly McPherson’s and supported by most of the related businesses.

    I would be interested to hear how you feel about it or if you have any questions related to the proposal.

    American Idol minus 1 to 11

    So, Jim Carey is in the audience has showed up as a cracked out version of “Horton Hears a Who.” Interesting.

    I do love Idol…but I think they really drag these result shows out. But, I will watch every minute of it anyway.

    • Carly is…safe
    • Michael is…safe
    • Jason is….safe
    • Syesha is…in the bottom three
    • Chikezie is…safe (miss another for me)
    • David Cook is…safe
    • Kristie is…in the bottom three (Savannah Red may be right)

    This call in thing is kinda stupid…not really feeling it…

    Katharine McPhee…didn’t like on when she was on Idol (better than Chris Daughtry my foot) and I still think she is incredibly typical and overrated…next…

    Jim Carey is a weirdo…

    • David Archuleta is…safe
    • Brooke is…safe
    • Ramiele is…safe
    • David Hernandez is…in the bottom three (he is my pick to go home!)

    David Hernandez is GOING HOME!

    Savannah Red – 0
    Beautiful Chaos – 0

    We will try again next week…care to join us?

    American Idol Top 12

    I LOVE American Idol. I don’t care about “guilty pleasure,” reality bites, brain numbing traits of TV. I have been wanting to blog it as a regular thing for a while. But, until now, it was just on too often, there were too many people and basically filled with disposable material. Don’t even tell me that American Idol is all disposable – your comment will be deleted 🙂

    I *heart* American Idol. And it is on right now.

    Not crazy about the Beatles (which is the theme for tonight) but, I am betting it will be great.

    Syesha Mercado – I have never been real crazy about her. Voice is great, no doubt, but incredibly typical. So far tonight is no exception. I am predicting Simon will hate it -no matter how cute she is. She should be on a cruise ship.

    • Randy – alright
    • Paula – looks great
    • Simon – thought she was better than last week (miss one for me) but she looked nervous

    Chikezie – He keeps getting better every week. I wasn’t sure about him in the beginning. But it is performances like this one and the one last week are making me reconsider. The next American Idol? Probably not – but I am glad he is still here. This is a great performance.

    • Randy – He smashed it
    • Paula – Really liked it
    • Simon – Agrees with the other two

    *Ryan is a big goof ball

    Ramiele Malubay – I liked her from the beginning. Cute little girl with a big, talented filled voice. Wow! Those are some great shoes! So far, it has been real low key…waiting…waiting…never happened. Dern. It was okay…but I am left wanting…but I appreciate the shoes.

    • Randy – feels just like me
    • Paula – pretty safe
    • Simon – bored to tears

    Jason Castro – Great eyes, great hair and he is another getting better every week. I thought he was phenomenal last week and now we will see. The guitar is back. He is so interesting. His voice is different. Could go either way, but I liked it.

    • Randy – liked it, didn’t love it
    • Paula – disagrees with Randy because she can feel Jason’s heart *enter soft music*
    • Simon – A little student in the bedroom at midnight

    *As heard on a Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader commercial – “You look more confused than a cow on astro-turf.”

    Carly Smithson – Always liked her. Voice is awesome although she always has to make these weird faces when she grabs those big notes. No worries – the neato tats will make up for that. Holy cow! She is rocking this song! I think she has been signing in a mirror – the facial expressions are toned down.

    • Randy – Steller
    • Paula – felt like she was watching a star
    • Simon – right song – reminds him of the transformation of Kelly Clarkson

    David Cook – The rocker minus the guitar. He usually sounds really good and very interesting. Tonight I think he picked the wrong song. Ended pretty strong, but he should of picked something else.

    • Randy – did good once he hit the chorus
    • Paula – thinks he is fantastic
    • Simon – though it was brilliant – thinks he could win based on talent

    Brooke White – One of my favorites. I would by an album from her. Her voice is so engaging. She’s playing the piano and sounding real good. Little typical…she turned it up a bit at the end. I liked it. She has so much emotion in her sound.

    • Randy – loves her conviction
    • Paula – This is her niche
    • Simon – One of the best performances of the night

    David Hernandez – I dunno – he has a great voice…but I can’t get past the eyebrow thing he does. He looks like he used to be stripper or something. He doesn’t sound very good at all tonight. Not impressed.

    • Randy – too over done
    • Paula – agrees with Randy
    • Simon – corny verging on desperate

    Amanda Overmyer – One of my top three. I think she is great! I am sitting here during the commercial hoping great things for her. Woo Hoo! This is why I love her! I am so waiting for her to do a Tina Turner song. Favorite of the night!

    • Randy – rocked it out
    • Paula – she is a star up there
    • Simon – didn’t think it was as good as last week. But she is a breath of fresh air

    Michael Johns – another one of my top three and my favorite guy. Brilliant…there is nothing else to say about what he just did up there…except maybe brilliant.

    • Randy – thought he could have changed it up a bit
    • Paula – disagrees and used my word “brilliant” – twice
    • Simon – agrees with Randy

    Kristy Lee Cook – Maybe the country girl of the competition if she would just embrace it. Sounds like she might. Wow! I am not a big fan but this is fun. Complete with fiddles and all. This suits her and I hope she sticks with it. This is just what she needs to do.

    • Randy – liked the idea – vocally he thought it was a half-halfer
    • Paula – OMG! She didn’t like it. I don’t know that I have ever heard that out of her
    • Simon – Thought it was hideous – I have to disagree.

    David Archuleta – What a talented kid. I hope he does well. Ooops – a bit of forgotten lyrics there…that hurts…especially since the whole thing sounds a bit corny anyway. He’s trying to redeem himself…ummm…nah. Not tonight. Maybe next week.

    • Randy – not on point
    • Paula – not his best week
    • Simon – it was a mess

    My guess…Chikezie, although he had a great night, will get the last performance call tomorrow.

    What’s your guess?

    Turn Around Tuesday

    *Conversation between Rocky and Paulie about Rock’s relationship with Adrian*
    Paulie: You like her?
    Rocky: Sure, I like her.
    Paulie: What’s the attraction?
    Rocky: I dunno… she fills gaps.
    Paulie: What’s ‘gaps’?
    Rocky: I dunno, she’s got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps. ” – Rocky I (1976)

    This is my all time favorite Rocky quote, um, conversation, ever! Completely raw, honest and utterly romantic. But, if I take a step back, there is more to this “gap filling” than new love butterflies.

    I have the benefit of knowing some really incredible people. I appreciate them for all that they are in the face of the things that I am not. This is not to say one is more or less than the other. It is just to say that it is a fact that we all have “gaps.” This encompasses all those things that we would do better to leave to the professionals. For instance, I will gladly help you write your vows. I will do you the favor of your life and refuse to sing at your wedding.

    We all do well to know our gaps and connect with our gap fillers. I am a great project manager but a horrible organizer. I do a great job at presenting material to a room full of people, but I really don’t care for long, intensive training sessions. I have gaps. I am incredibly thankful for my gap fillers.

    Today I want to encourage you to appreciate those who connect with you in a way that is mutually beneficial for both of you. Gaps are a fact of life. Good thing, too – gap filler relationships are some of the best kind. Wondrous things happen when we realize the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

    St. Patty’s Day in Savannah

    It is that time of the year again. For those who don’t know, St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah is the event of the year. Compared in size (and consumption) with Mardi Gras, we have the big parade and the bigger party.

    I haven’t been to the festivities in years. It is just too much for me now. But a lot of folks I know will be enjoying the weekend.

    So the mom in me surfaces. Be Safe! If not for yourselves, then for the others that may be on the road with you.

    So that I am not all talk, I called a friend of mine that runs a transportation service (our town doesn’t have a taxi company).

    I am passing on her information as she will service the areas outside, as well as within, Savannah.

    MC Taxi & Shuttle Service 24 hours (912) 412-9839

    Be careful out there so I can see you all next week!

    This week in history

    • March 11, 1968 – Otis Redding posthumously receives gold record for “(Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay”
    • March 12, 1933 – Franklin D. Roosevelt gives first Fireside Chat
    • March 14, 1879 – Albert Einstein is born
    • March 17, 1753 – First Official St. Patrick’s Day