How do you promote your website?

Received one of the most interesting phone calls the other day. By interesting, I mean it was fun, quirky and enjoyable which was all unexpected considering it was a cold sales call.

Paul is a hoot. Funny, outgoing and always looking for a sale or a strategic partner. Easy to talk to, I heard him out. Interesting concept he has. He has bought up a whole bunch of “Call (Your Name) dot coms and rents them out to folks with that name.

You can check out mine at However, it just redirects to my own homepage. This works great if you decide to use the feature. If not, you guessed it, Paul can handle having a site built for you.

The pros as I see them are the ease of remembering and passing on the url and the call to action built into the web name itself.

The potential cons are the cost (yeah – it’s cheap, but small businesses can nickel and dime themselves to death) and not owning the domain outright (although I am imagining he would sell it to you if you asked).

There are probably more pros and cons, which is one of the reasons I am posting about it here (along with the fact that I promised Paul I would).

Questions off the top of my head are

  • Is this a way to promote your website?
  • Does having the redirect do you any good?
  • Does the business model work for you?
  • Under which conditions would you use this domain?
  • Is it something you would consider doing or not?

I am sure you guys can think of many more considerations and this is one of those things I would really love to kick around.


  1. In my opinion, you don’t need You’ve got I’ve got I think what we’ve got is superior for the long run. I don’t direct people to that site, but I could. If your full name in a URL isn’t available, I think it’s a good idea to go with the With all of the social networking sites, however, I’m not sure his concept will catch on. There simply won’t be enough domain name space for his concept to take off. I think the social networks make more sense, and I expect people to use them more and more, particularly to ward off spam.

  2. Now this seems to be a great solution (for just about 1 buck a day), especially for the real estate segment. I have been driving around town at times, looking at house for sale signs. I am the type who would look up a website before calling the agent, but memorizing or writing down long URLs is just a pain. – that’s easy! Here are some other ideas of using this domain for promotion:

    – create a sticker for your car –
    – add to the signature block of your e-mail
    – add a sticker on the back of your business card
    – why not wrap your car with “Best Real Estate Deals –!!” 😉


    • Andy – I think folks like you are becoming more and more common. There is something very comforting and empowering about looking up our own information, forming an opinion and becoming educated before we call the professional involved in the transaction. I know I feel much better talking about a desired product when I have the vocabulary and a bit of background information.

      Question…for your first three ideas…how does the callApril fair better than the aprilgroves domain I already have?

      Comment – that last one is the one that really works to convince me that maybe this is a good idea…

  3. Wade – do you think the limitation on the domains is one of the biggest factors that will create value?

    And help me out on the relationship between domains we own ourselves and the social networking sites…I probably just haven’t had enough coffee yet – but it is escaping me 🙂

  4. a domain is of great value if it explains the contents or operation of the website it is directed to.

    interested in wine? go to

    interested in cars? go to

    interested in savannah real estate? go to

    • Craig – You got hung up in my filter…sorry about that.

      I completely agree. But, do you think that is the only way? It is tough to do that, especially with the more popular ones. Maybe a call to action is good, or something that is easy to remember, or something that suits your brand…

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