Turn Around Tuesday

“Failure itself is not the secret to succeeding. Learning and improving by trying and doing, or learning from failure, is the secret to succeeding as an entrepreneur.” – Becky McCray, Small Biz Survival

You could replace the word “entrepreneur” in today’s quote with just about anything – spouse, parent, friend, employee, employer – anything, and it would still be true.

Funny thing about failure – it is the often a huge source of regret and fear. However, when we do have successful moments, it usually comes through doing it afraid and carrying with us lessons we learned from past failures. Amazingly enough, after we have made it through a particularly painful experience, many of us would say the silver lining included valuable nuggets and a new, fresh perspective.

The old adage “that which does not kill me will make me stronger” keeps coming to mind. It reminds me that many have been in similar situations of fear and apprehension – and they are now selling their success story on Oprah. While I appreciate their wonderfulness in their own right, I will not be convinced that they possess a secret I do not. Instead, I choose to believe that, like me, they walked along life’s journey, leaving bread crumbs behind them and picking up shiny rocks ahead of them.

Today, I want to encourage you to not fear failure. Instead understand they the greatest thing you can do is learn and leave a fingerprint in all those things in which you find value in your life. Failure is not the enemy – becoming unteachable is.

We all need a few great friends!

This past week has been a wonderfully bittersweet one. It culminated in what will most likely be the last first birthday I ever throw.

For a mom, this is the time that makes you wonder in amazement at the growth of your children. It also breaks your heart.

I am very grateful to those fun women that celebrated that day with me – not the least of which was my mom. They understood and they didn’t allow me to dwell. Instead, they helped to create an environment that was fun for the kids and the moms as well.

We are all blessed with some really great friends. They show up and show out at the most wonderful times!

Today’s quote was found at Becky McCray’s Small Biz Survival


  1. Your mom is FAB-U Just let me know when you want me to cook ya’ll some Mexi-can food! HUGS!
    The night was pretty fun!!

  2. Wade Young says:

    “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” That’s a great quote that I got from Tony Robbins. People who are afraid of failure work in cubicles doing jobs they hate, or they married someone they didn’t really have it for because they were afraid they couldn’t do any better. Years ago, my wife and I decided to live life with balls out faith. So far, so good. Suddenly, we don’t look at failures as failures. It’s the glass half full or half empty thing. We are currently involved in a lawsuit that arose from us not dotting all our i s and crossing all our t s. I could look at it as a failure, but instead I see it as a lesson that I needed to learn that will save me a worse headache down the road. I think you are right that becoming unteachable is the enemy. If you aren’t grateful for your failures, you’re unteachable.

  3. This is going to make for a great affirmation. My mom, especially, loves printing affirmations out and taping them to the walls. They serve as a daily reminder that life is going to be fruitful and that opportunities are coming her way. Personally, I believe that failure is only delayed success and that to be good at something, we must first be willing to be bad at it. So failure is nothing to be afraid of.

    • Jen – I am glad you liked it. I thought the same thing when I read it. I think your assessment of failure is a good one. I think I hear you saying that failure is not acceptable, but, as it is a possible consequence when you are living life to its fullest, it should be taken in its proper context. Is that right?

  4. Wade – I think your relationship between how we deal with failures and our teach-ability is spot on.

    That Tony Robbins quote is great…assuming you are an honest person with heaps of integrity. I think sometimes that’s the assumed when we talk about accomplishing all you want in life – that the things said person wants to accomplish are good and honorable. Something tells me you are 🙂

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