Turn Around Tuesday

Sure, it’s Wednesday. And Turn Around did happen on Tuesday for the email subscribers. Server issues and email catch up made the web issue a bit delayed…but, without further ado…

“Other people have accomplished what I want to do. Not all of those people had talent or credentials. And surely they also started somewhere. They weren’t born into it. They had to follow a path just like everyone else. They found a way. I can find a way too.”

– Karen Lynch, Live the Power

I feel tempted to just let today’s quote stand there all by itself. I mean, really, what else is there to say? In fact, let’s all stop a minute and read it again.

Awesome isn’t it? And I will comment – partly because it will feel like a cop out if I don’t and mainly because there is a facet I would like to emphasize.

The above statement is not just true for everybody else – IT IS TRUE FOR YOU. I am not a betting woman. If I were, I would put lunch on the fact that I have more than one person reading this right now saying, “If only this was true for me.” IT IS!

For some bizarre reason, we get this notion in our head – and worse, in our heart – that we are some how less capable, less creative, less whatever than what we are. We buy into the idea that wonderful things and big dreams are totally possible – for other people. But, for ourselves, the other shoe will always drop and is targeted right on our project.

These thoughts are the cornerstone of self sabotage. More importantly – they are not true. It is a hard feat to remove these ideas from our process. But, it can be done and figuring out how should be pretty high on your “things to do.”

Today, I want to encourage you believe in yourself. If that step is too big from where you are now, then start a bit smaller. At the very least, scold negative thoughts. You are better than you give yourself credit for. You are just the kind of person big dreams were made for.

When the server and the pollen crash!

It has been an interesting couple of days that most of you don’t know a thing about.

Morgan turned a year old and we are into our one week of the year when the babies are the same age!

The babies’ birthday party is this weekend and that is a fun time to get ready for.

The pollen count has been way up and has decided that my face is the perfect place to land.

But, there is no blog, no return email, no nothing – because the server my website is out of commission. That is where the site, the blogs, and the email live. Lucky for me, it is different than the one used for Turn Around Tuesday.

Until the situation is rectified, thanks so much for your patience. When it is solved, thanks for it again while I wade through days of emails!

Today’s quote was found at Live the Power via Successful Blog


  1. I used to be average. I made average grades. I was an average-looking guy. I did average in the dating scene. I was average in terms of my commitment to my faith. I performed average in terms of career. I was even average in bed! I was Joe Average until I made the conscious decision to become exceptional. Now I put exceptional effort into every area of my life, and guess what? I have become an exceptional person, and it was all by choice. I agree with you, April. I don’t allow negative thoughts in my thought life. Everything originates in our heads, so if we can get that right, we are headed in a positive direction.

  2. Great post April! It is a much needed encouragement to many people out there. It boils down to self confidence doesn’t it? I struggle with it at times (I’m sure many do), but my motto the last year or so has been to maintain a positive attitude and to exude my self confidence.

    I’m with both you and Wade on this one. Negative thoughts are a killer, and I won’t allow them to enter my head! I do like what Wade says: “Now I put exceptional effort into every area of my life, and guess what? I have become an exceptional person….” Well put!

  3. Wade – the beloved land of the mediocre…interesting place that is – I lived there awhile. Incredibly safe, yet not very inspiring or comfortable for me?

    Not allowing negativity is too strong for me. I have crap days and can’t get around it. However, I will say that I don’t stay there long. I believe in venting in a safe environment and moving on – without guilt.

    Have you gotten to the place where you don’t need that anymore, or is it something you have a plan in place for? I am always looking for pointers on getting there or at least doing the best I can until I get there (if there is such a place 🙂 )

  4. Eric – no…thank you!! I am glad it spoke to you. Do you find that your self confidence is always real, or do you sometimes have to manufacture it?

    I ask, because there are times when I just don’t feel particularly confident. This often happens when I am feeling intimidated. I often can’t, or don’t have time to, get to a mental place where I am truly confident – so I fake it the best I can.

    Heehee…now you know one of my deepest secrets 🙂

  5. I think what we have is the fear of failure. Most of us have been trained to not make mistakes. I guess this is the result of such training. But I think we should all re-learn this matter and look at things from a different angle. We shouldn’t be afraid of failure. Failure is only delayed success. A stepping stone. A learning point.

    • Jen – I think you are right…so much so I wrote about that very thing and will post it soon 🙂

      I am so glad you stopped by and shared your insight. I hope you choose to do it again.

  6. April,
    Yes, I have times of “faking it” as well. I definitely exude confidence in certain situations better than other situations. I am “shy” when first meeting people face to face, therefore I do choose to fake some confidence. Once I’ve reached my comfort zone, then my confidence becomes real.

    I find myself giving motivational “self talks.” That is, I try and “pump myself up” in order to raise my confidence level before going into situations where I know I won’t be comfortable.

    • Eric – I am the queen of self talk! The first thing I had to learn was to be nice to myself 🙂 I completely understand the art of moving into a comfort zone. The good thing about it is that it seems to get easier with practice.

  7. Wade Young says:


    I decided to focus on the fact that I am an eternal being (can’t prove it of course, but it’s better than the alternative). If I’m in it for the long run — and I really mean the long run — then the ups and downs of the days are sort of laughable. I look at life like it’s a video game, and I’m just a player. I try not to look at the past too much, and I try to not think too far ahead. I do my best every day, and I try to look at my life almost as if it’s someone else’s. I think of my life as a play with an audience (perhaps those who have passed on before me). I want to do well. I don’t want my audience to say, “Gosh, look how Wade handled that … so selfish … so shortsighted …” I try to live my life and handle people such that my imagined or perhaps real audience will applaud my actions. It works for me.

    • Wade – your points of view never cease to amaze me. I have said it before and will repeat it now – I am really glad you choose to share your thoughts here.

      I am curious about how living for the outside makes us comfortable on the inside. But I am guessing that is a whole different post for another day 🙂

  8. April,
    – It’s also easier for me to get into my comfort zone more quickly behind a computer screen, as opposed to face to face 🙂

    Something I should probably work on!!!


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