Turn Around Tuesday

“I feel it’s a tragedy, at least personally, when one spends all their time working toward the goal achievement of others while ignoring one’s own personal goals.” –  Brad Isaac, Achieve-IT!

I would say, under oath, that I know some of the most helpful people in the world. It is amazing the levels of generosity and good will that I find myself around everyday. I have the honor of knowing what true unselfish behavior looks like.

I also know some of the most stressed out folks. Others folks I know are still missing the mark of their full potential. The ironic thing is that, typically, the generous, the stressed and the unrealized are all the same people.

If you are thinking we are going to spend a bit of time talking about “saying ‘no'” you would be right. This one habit can be the nicest thing you do for yourself and others all day. Consider the job you do for others when you are already overtasked – is it done to your usual high standards, or is something missing? Consider your ability to succeed in the same situation – are you realizing your full potential? The answer to both of these is probably no. Therefore, you aren’t doing the job you should be doing and you are not setting yourself up to have the resources to help others.

Today, I want to encourage you to say “no.” Understand that the truth is we can’t all be everywhere at all times and that is not a flaw in our character. Saying “no” may be one of the best things you do all day – for yourself and others. It is not the source of guilt or greed – but the creator of the honest to goodness “YES!”

Super Tuesday!

There is about a 50/50 chance that you live in a state that is going to the polls today. It is the infamous “Super Tuesday,” and I for one am glad to see it is finally here.

If you are a political junkie like I am, today is akin to the Super Bowl played just a few days ago – without all the really cool commercials, but with more pertinent results. This is the day where citizens in 24 states pull a lever in an attempt to discern who will run for the office of Commander in Chief. In my opinion, that is huge. It is no small task to get one step closer to choosing the leader of the free world.

I am hoping if you live in one of these 24 states, you will take the time out today and vote. It is the most important privilege we exercise, for it is the one that protects all others.

*Today’s Quote was found at Achieve-IT!


  1. Wade Young says:

    People don’t get enough sleep, and I suspect that the failure to say “no” is a big contributor to our sleep-deprived populous. People run themselves ragged trying to juggle too many obligations, and many times the only way they can make room in their schedule is to cut back on sleep. Of course, lack of sleep is the biggest contributor to premature aging (aside from the hardcore stuff like heroin use). People need to realize that the failure to say “no” could result in a shorter lifespan. I want to keep truckin’ even when I’m silver haired; hence I’m usually in bed around between 10:00 and 11:00 and up around 7:00.

  2. Wade – Since I am not a heroin user, I guess the fact that I survive on limited sleep is a small thing 🙂

    In the Navy, I realized that I do better with shorter periods more often. I usually sleep about 4-6 hours a night and nap once or twice a week. I get up really early (about 3 or 4) because my brain works better before the day gets me so it is the best time for writing and preparing.

    I have a feeling you will be kicking for a long time. I am really glad you spend some of your time here.

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