Lani Loves Gynecologists?

Well, maybe I don’t ncessarily love gynecologists, but you’re reading now, so hear me out. Guy Kawasaki noted, “an email pitch from an entrepreneur named Sherry Couch of BizNiche brought a big smile to my face. First of all, how could I skip an email with a subject line like this one: “Everything you should know about me as an entrepreneur you could learn from my OB/GYN”?”

Sherry realizes that children are the perfect startup! Makes you think of Mommy Blogging, doesn’t it?  So what about Sherry as an entrepreneur could you learn from her ob/gyn?

  1. I am very good at conceiving an idea.
  2. I can commit to something mind, body, and soul for at least nine months.
  3. I have the ability to over come adversity, such as eating healthily while puking all day.
  4. I can adapt quickly to changing and expanding situations.
  5. I stay focused and motivated even with a lack of oxygen to my brain.
  6. I am creative: Did you know with satin pajamas and satin sheets you can roll over in bed even with an extra sixty pounds.
  7. I am patient—ever known anyone ten months pregnant?
  8. I am cool under pressure: I gave birth to a ten-pound baby without a C-section or a properly functioning epidural and did not curse out my husband.
  9. I am resilient: I went back to work at my company four weeks after giving birth.
  10. I create meaning in the world! Even with all the trials and tribulations of becoming a parent I have chosen to do it twice so far because each new life gives hope and meaning to our world. Just like each new business

Isn’t this great? Can YOU add a Number 11?

photo is of April Groves on the sofa with her kiddo (mine are too big to lay on me)


  1. 11. I am not afraid of a challenge … why else would I have more than one 🙂 Great post and impressive how talented moms are!

  2. Suzy, that is a GREAT addition! Love it!

    Do you think child-rearing abilities is why women are more likely to own their own business than men?

  3. Hey Lani …

    I think women are taught maybe inadvertently to excel at multi-tasking which is certainly good for having your own business. I think we are also raised to ask questions and seek answers … for example, when you are pregnant and don’t know the answer to a question typically a woman doesn’t wait around hoping the answer will come … she finds it … she asks and doesn’t let up because the baby depends on her knowing everything she can. I think this is excellent preparation for running a successful business. Oh yeah … and we are courageous to give our bodies up for the creation of another soul … then we give our hearts up as we watch them grow.

    It is truly a gift to be a mom.

  4. 11. You can push thru ANYTHING.

  5. 11. I can multitask AND love it!!– reading to a preschooler while playing ball with a toddler and nursing a newborn.

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