State of the Union

Coffee CupJust some talking points I managed to type up while watching…feel free to discuss responsibly, add, or just ponder. Click here to see “coffee cup” purpose.

Trust people with their own money and trust them to grow our economy.

52 straight months of growing jobs – wages are up so are food and gas.

Economic stimulus package can be hung up by add ons – that will hold up or derail it

Are you rich and like taxes? W says he appreciates your enthusiasm and the IRS accepts check and money orders.

Has cut 151 programs equaling $18B and a balanced budget 2012 – American families have to do it – so should the government

Congressional earmarks that are snuck in without discussion or vote…appropriations without earmarks cut in half will be vetoed.

Says he will issue an executive order tomorrow stating federal agencies will have to reject earmarks not voted on publicly by congress

Hope Now Alliance helps home owners avoid foreclosure. Modernize Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Tax free bonds to help homeowners refinance their mortgages

Affordable health care through consumer choice – not government control. Health saving plans, Small business availability.

Education – me must trust students to learn and allow parents to demand results.

No child left behind – 4th and 8th grade math students have achieved the highest test scores ever. Increase accountability.

Failing schools – 2600+ students in DC can go to a faith based or nonpublic school.

$330M pell grants for kids for children trapped in failing public schools.

Americans workers can compete with anyone in the world. Free trade agreement with Peru is successful and like agreements need to be fostered with Columbia, Panama and South Korea.

Columbia – if we fail to pass this agreement we will embolden the purveyors of false populism in our hemisphere…

Energy security – trust in the creative genius of innovators and entrepreneurs. Nuclear power, capturing carbon emission, renewable fuels

Advances show that adult stem cells can work like embryonic stem cells – work towards medical advances without the destruction of human life. Ban buying, selling cloning of human life – all life must be treated with dignity.

Judges should get prompt up or down vote.

Permanently extend Charitable Choice

Entitlement spending – Medicare, social security – need reform need solutions to save them for our children and grandchildren

Immigration – secure borders, fences, technology, catch and release at the border, double number of border patrol agents…but we need to find a way to lawfully allow workers to come over to support our economy. Must deal compassionately with those already here. Solution must coincide with laws and our high ideals.

Foreign Policy – 3200 Marines added to Afghanistan to fight and train. Spreading freedom and democracy reduces terror and terrorism.

Surge work with the Iraqi forces to protect the Iraqis. People understood that they were not going to be abandoned. They stayed behind and ensure the safety of neighborhoods, improvement in security, improvement in daily life.

Return on success – 20000 troops coming home…”You have our solemn pledge – you will have all you need to protect our nation.” Called on congress to fully fund the troops.


  1. What a fantastic last State of the Union. I especially liked his FIRM stance- “says he will issue an executive order tomorrow stating federal agencies will have to reject earmarks not voted on publicly by congress.”

    I also liked his joke about the IRS accepting checks and money orders, because we all know what he was alluding to (our potential future if youknowwho takes office). The only problem is that Cheney (who had obviously heard the speech 10 times before) started laughing before the freakin’ punchline!! Old people.

    Thanks for your years of service, W- I don’t care what anyone says today, you WILL go down in history as an
    amazing Presidential hero.

    Anyhow, I love coffee talk and God bless America!

  2. Customer Survey says:

    Cute post. I also love Coffee Talk!

  3. Coffee is a sense of life 🙂

  4. I myself am always skeptical of what any politicians say, and I’ll wait and see what he does. I remain hopeful that anything he does will better our lives and improve the situation in the world.


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