Sunday Stroll

Tamar Weinberg over at LifeHacker pulls out a post from Mother Tongue Annoyances that strives to help us all with that big Public Speaking Fear. Follow this advice and then come practice it at Toastmasters.

Found out about a great new WordPress Plugin from W-Shadow that will find broken links. Big Thanks to Jamie Harrop for spreading the word about the plugin and Liz Strauss for spreading the word about Jamie.

Rosa suggests “Stop Telling People You are Busy.” I think I’ll read this one again – and so should you.

Mortgage Rates vs Fed Rates by THE Phoenix Real Estate Guy.

Larry Cragun stopped me in my tracks with this post on the what he considers the most dangerous thing we do everyday.

Shake out the fleas and your creativity with Dustin at Casual Fridays

Agent Genius made my Twitter Week with Benn’s post on pulling blog feeds into Twitter posts. Then he got all cryptic with his “It’s coming” post. He closed the freaking comments and everything! Here is what I do know – Google is moving into the building with AG – dude, you had so better not be holding out on me. I will know when Lani starts bragging on her new car – you know she can’t keep a secret. Until you come clean …

LOL Cat Fave of the Day (dedicated to the secretive coffee cup guy)


  1. ….the secret is coming- I just learned what it is! ….

    *i LOVE that LOLcat* – so topical!!!

    PS: Google’s moving to Austin, not our building. But our offices ARE moving (don’t know where yet), so it COULD be in the same building,,,, we’ll see!

  2. April, I love taking your Sunday Strolls with you – thank you so much for the sharing you do here. This week you got Larry Cragun to stop me in my tracks too!

    Mahalo too for the link love you sent my way this morning – thrilled to be part of the stroll for you.

  3. LOL…the cats are a riot πŸ™‚

  4. ItΒ΄s a very cool cat πŸ™‚

  5. That cat is so cute and rad lol.

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