Richmond Hill Magazine Celebrates its First Anniversary

Had to post about the great time I had at the First Anniversary Party of The Richmond Hill Magazine. We all got together at Jack’s Hydeway and it was a lot of fun.

Here is Julie Hales, Publisher, with Jack Hyde, featured in the upcoming magazine, Lynette Tuck, Account Representative, and Todd Wood, Editor.

Many of the ladies from the Richmond Hill Women’s Business Alliance were there too.

The crew at the Richmond Hill Magazine has done a wonderful job showcasing local businesses, people, events and places.

The announcement was made that the Magazine would be shifting from its quarterly time line to a bimonthly publication.

With all that coverage, we can’t wait to see who shows up at next year’s party!


  1. Carrie Blackburn says:

    Oh LAWD, they put Jack & his lady in the moon on the front of their anniversary issue. Bless his heart! I wish I could have been at that party. Heard it was a blast.

  2. Daniel M. McIntyre says:

    you did a article about Megledon sharks teeth… how do I get a few copies. I want to use this information in school reports.
    Daniel McIntyre
    How much do the magazines cost

  3. Will Rhyne says:

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    I was extremely blessed to have been brought up by two very loving christian people Rex and Beth Rhyne, they have been so supportive with every thing I do. While all of my peers were all getting together in March and April of 2009 going over who is going to what college or who is going to be rooming with whom, i was getting to together my basis of planning for my adventure into the wilderness. The planning that I go through for even my small 5 to 8 day trips is pretty meticulous, so the planning that i have been doing for my thru hike has been a trip within its self.
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