Wireless Amber Alerts – Do it Now!

Your inbox gets the “please find this child” email for the umpteenth billion time. It’s a scam. You know it is. But, facts are that children go missing. And there has to be a better way than sorting though spam.

I thought it was a wonderful idea when they installed the Amber Alert signs on the interstates. Unfortunatley, I am not always on the interstate, or in my car, or watching TV. But I almost ALWAYS have my cell phone.

Wireless Amber Alerts allows you to subscribe to a service that sends Amber Alerts directly to your cell phone in the form of a text message. Sign up is quick and easy. It’s dern near a moral obligation – yes, I feel that strongly about it.

One zip code from a city will cover the entire city regardless of the number of zip codes located in it. You can chose up to five. Cell Carriers that have come on board will not charge you text messaging fees for the service. Got any other questions – they have a page for that here.

Now get to clicking – we are all subscribed to less important things.


  1. That’s a great idea! I know MySpace alerts me when I log in of all Georgia based alerts.

    Also, it was nice to finally meet you yesterday.

    • Shawn – I thought so too! I have a myspace and that stuff – but I am not always logged into those things. My cell is always on. I thought the idea was phenom.

  2. Hi April. It was SO nice to meet you at the UnConference. You are just as spunky and awesome in “real-life” as in the blogosphere. I wish, wish, wish that I could have made it to Judson’s & Drew’s session and the mommy session, too. I really missed out on my mother-time with you and the other bloggers. The whole conference was interesting and inspirational. Again – so great to meet you. You have a fantastic voice!

  3. Wade Young says:

    A country that doesn’t take care of its kids is a country in decline. I read in one particular year there were over 50,000 non-family abductions. There are only a few hundred serial killers at any one time. Where are all these kids going? There cannot really be that many pedophile freaks, can there? It’s frightening. I have thought it over, and I cannot imagine who is taking all those children. That’s almost as many men as we lost in Vietnam — missing in one year. I am a fan of a man who writes books on tracking. He’s a professional tracker hired by law enforcement to find people. His advice is to watch your children ALL THE TIME, even your teenagers. I keep my eye on my son always. I cannot think of an issue more important than missing kids that needs attention. Thanks for blogging about it.

    • Wade – those statistics are frightening. But, I don’t know how to apply the trackers advice. It is just not possible. When my kids go ride their bikes or play with friends or walk to school. I am always diligent, but I don’t stay on top of them. I don’t see how any parent could in the process of raising children into functional, independent children who are not consumed by fear.

      I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and whether you take it literally or no – not so much with toddlers obviously we watch them all the time. But as the children get older and begin to become their own people…

  4. Wade Young says:

    You are right, April. You cannot watch big kids all the time. My son just turned 5, so it’s easy for me to watch him all the time. I did take one year of self-defense training — just the trainer, me and one other guy. I’ll be teaching all that I learned to my son, starting in a few years. I will tell you one thing that you can share with your girls. Right above your collar bone in the middle of your neck there is a soft spot. Press down on it, and you’ll be uncomfortable and probably start coughing. Pressing on that one spot as hard as a girl can will make an attacker release so that a woman has a chance to get away.

    • Wade – self defense – now that is something we should do as a family. That spot you are talking about…is it the one between the collar bone and the shoulder muscle or up the neck?

  5. Wade Young says:

    Right above your collar bone, in the middle … basically the bottom of your throat. Jabbing someone with your fingers straight out as hard as you can on that spot is very effective. If a guy was on top of you, you could press on that area with your fingers as hard as possible and have a good chance of him letting go. As far as men go, a man punching another man in the face is dangerous because the man can break his hand easily on the other man’s face. My wife’s uncle broke his wrist hitting a guy once. If a man is in a self-defense situation, a good punch to the other guy’s throat is effective, and you won’t break your hand or wrist. That’s only for self-defense, though, because you can permanently damage a person by hitting them in the throat. Of course, you shouldn’t be hitting someone for reasons other than self-defense anyway, which should go without saying.

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