Working the Brand Loyalty and Solving the Case of the Missing Sock

Nope – Athol is AWOL. I am talking about those socks the dryer eats. I have a basket full of socks that I think are going to miraculously reappear one day – and when they do, their match will be waiting for them. I may get rid of that basket.

The monthly tip at Dressing Well concerns winter hosiery. All the pointers were useful – but one stood out – exercise brand loyalty when buying socks. Then, when the dryer eats one or eight, you still have matches and when you have to buy more, buying the same kind keeps the singles you have useful. Why haven’t I thought of that before?

Th simpleness of it all made me reconsider other areas where brand loyalty is important.

  • I always use the same clothes detergent because I know it works and I know no one in the house has a reaction from it.
  • I always use the same dishwasher powder and kitchen cleaner because I know it is dependable.
  • I never vary on my hairdresser or nail guy because I am careful about grooming.

Seems to me that many of us are in the business of branding – whether it be ourselves or our company. The dryer provides a valid argument for sock brand loyalty.

How do we harness that same strategy?

*Photo credit to Inga Galkinaite


  1. I’m a firm believer that the heating, air swirling, moisture sucking, static electrifying effects of any clothes dryer causes small subspace wormholes that randomly connect to other dryers somewhere nearby thus allowing the transfer of various small, light pieces of clothing between those connected dryers until the wormhole collapses. Why else would I find that a few of my socks had apparently been replaced with various pieces of female type undergarments back when I was a dedicated bachelor, living alone with nothing but a cat? 😛

  2. Of course that doesn’t answer your question. Sorry about that.

    • Kirk – I think you did a phenom job of answering the unasked question. Went a bit into the TMI realm 😛 but after all your help to get my email working we’ll let it slide 😉

  3. Thanks for being understanding April. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. 😀

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