When to Ask a Doctor for Advice

So, I haven’t been out of pajamas since Monday afternoon. Don’t be jealous – it hasn’t been fun. I think I am getting sawed in half right around my midsection. It’s chick stuff, so I won’t go into it (you’re welcome). However, it is not normal for me, so it is starting to get me a bit worried.

Here’s the conundrum. I’d like to call the doctor and just fly this all by her to see what she thinks. What will probably happen is a CYA answer of, “You should come in so we can check it out.” I will because I am already worried. I’ll get there, she will check me out, have no real answers and send me home with orders to rest, drink lots of fluids and call her tomorrow if it doesn’t get better. I will be miraculously healed on the way home and get her bill in the mail next week.

*Note – I love my doctor. She is wonderful. Personable, professional, capable, reasonable and always on time. I get the fact that doctor’s are far less likely to say anything other than “come in” over the phone due to the litigious society we live in. Still doesn’t change my predicament

So, I won’t call the doctor and find out next week I have some weird condition that would have been no big deal if they had caught it earlier – like when I was gonna call in the first place.

When do you call the doctor?


  1. Call the doctor better safe than sorry.

  2. i typically don’t call on my own behalf until it’s nearly a life or death situation.

    the kids? any reason under the sun- paper cut, upset tummy, whatev. 🙂

    *i hate the Gremlins.

    • Lani – you and me both…of course after seeing kids get the sniffles, you tend to get lax on calling the doc about that stuff too.


  3. Of course the doctors going to tell you to come in.Thats how they make money:)
    But I usually go if im in severe/acute pain or if Im getting worried…
    Hope you get better soon.

    • Butterflies – Don’t I know 🙂 I think I am good to go.

      BTW – your website is incredibly calming. I don’t know if you meant it that way, but the page coming up makes me breathe easy 🙂

  4. Let me know if you need me to run any of this by my sis. You know after being a nurse for 20 some odd years, she’ll let you know if you really need to go to the doctor about it. Hope you start feeling better real soon!! Love ya!

    • Jeanie – Thanks. I actually left the house yesterday and it was touch and go for a bit. But, by the end of the day, it seemed to be getting better 🙂

  5. I usually dont go to the doctor until I am crazy sick but should probably go earlier. I like going to the doc in the box places. That way I dont have to make an appointment and I dont fee bad going to the ER sitting next to someone that just got stabbed. And feeling bad that I am there.

    • Ki – I had not thought about that option…and probably wouldn’t for this (a bit personal, you know). But it is a great option for the other stuff.

      BTW – It’s all better now…just waited it out and it worked out 🙂

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