Title Me This

Steve Farber raised an interesting conversation about a month ago that I have just now happened upon. After polling the audience for suggestions on the title of his new book (The winner being Greater Than Yourself), he brought up the topic of our titles. What is the answer to, when many of us are so mulit-faceted, the question, “What do you do?”

He also asked the very poigant question revolving around the creative titling and whether or not it is all getting to be a bit much. Is calling the receptionist the “Director of First Impressions” catchy and motivating, or just plain trying to hard? I can tell people (and have) that I do whatever I want to as my self employed status has offered some fairly wide opportunities. That conversation was very well recieved and resulted in me being titled in a uber creative way as a “Realeblogoachmnist” by Chris Cree. I have had to table that idea as it is a bit long on the business card and awkward in the mouth 🙂 Seriously, as accurate as “I do what I want” may be, is it effective or off putting?

Consider it for a minute…think of all the things you do. Now, for the sake of conversation, I am speaking professionally. Trying to tie in the personal husband/wife, father/mother, friend/relative thing is just too much. When you are talking to folks in a networking, professional, or just getting to know you situation – What do you do?

So, the conversation, like our lives, is diverse. What do you title yourself? How do you feel about creative titles? Is it different depending on the audience? How do you feel when you come into contact with the Director of First Impressions, The Realeblogoachmnist, or the Chief Fun and Excitement Director? Would you rather just talk to the receptionist?

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