I Shaved My Legs For This?

What most women won’t tell you or admit to is the fact that many of us shave our legs a lot less in the winter than in the summer. Obvious reasons are that shaving is a pain and the winter usually means covered up legs. But, we still do it occasionally – and a funny thing happened the last time I did. I thought about my kids.

It is no secret that I get pretty riled up over the current state of the over sexed, over objectified, under responsible promotion of youth. I am irritated by The Little Mermaid, collagen lipped dolls, and in your face teenage pregnancy. We attempt to instill in our girls that they are beautiful tea cups, masterpieces even, and that they have the personal responsibility to protect their character, reputation, and moral fortitude. We attempt not to shelter, but to remain age appropriate.

Some things are fairly cut and dry. Shaving isn’t one of them. I wonder what I will say when they ask for the razor? I am not sure what age I feel is appropriate. What I do remember is being told “no” when I first asked – middle school I think. I also remember the whole ordeal being very embarrassing on an appearance level.

But the whole act of leg shaving seems so grown up. Almost suggestive. When a woman is getting ready for a night out, she surely shaves her legs – even in the winter. When said evening goes bad, the “I shaved my legs for this?” question gets asked.

I dunno…the lovely grey area of parenting.

*Photo by Jyn Meyer


  1. I’m going to remember that question from now on April. Wonderful observation.

    • Athol – It didn’t feel wonderful when I made it 😛 Don’t you love the incredible roller coaster that is parenthood? I feel like I am 16 years old again trying to make the right life changing decisions without having all the right answers.

  2. Who asked? I just got a razer out of the medicine cabinet… it was b4 middle school… my older sister didn’t seem to be bothered by hairy legs and I wasn’t going to wait a year beyond her…

    Now I like winter, pants, tights…

    • Maureen – hehe…I actually mused that maybe I would prefer they do that – that would certainly let me off the hook. Growing up I considered it, but that would have been a bad idea. Somehow, I think my kids will feel the same way.

      And I hear you on winter 🙂

  3. One more reason that I am glad I have 3 boys! 🙂

    • Nick – Don’t sit there and cop out 😛 Raising up boys has its own roads of uncertainty. There has to be a comparable grey area in raising up future men. And I need to know what they are – I have to know what to be on the look out for 🙂

  4. haha.. the cop out is always easy. Three boys here. They are just 3, 2 and 2 (yep, twins) – I tend to agree with you on many things! character, reputation, and moral fortitude are hugely important. Sometimes, they act like little devils.. My wife and I joke often about the challenges in our future. 🙂 I need to introduce her to your blog although, she’s a pretty busy gal “chasing boys” all day! 🙂

    • Nick – WOW! You guys have your hands full!! My youngest two are 11 months apart and the others are fairly spread out. I can’t imagine having three that close. I’ll bet it is a mile a minute at your house. I would love to “meet” your wife. It is always interesting to hear the perspective of the mommies with boys. Of course the daddies too – when there aren’t copping out 😛

  5. OK…this post leads me to remember a certain year of summer camp, maybe when I was 13, and YOU handed me a razor, and told me to go the the showers because of a certain bathing suit area. Boy was I glad you were there!! I’d already been shaving my legs, but nobody told me the other areas that had to be shaved. You saved me from TONS of teenage angst!

  6. >>Raising up boys has its own roads of uncertainty. There has to be a comparable grey area in raising up future men. And I need to know what they are – I have to know what to be on the look out for .

    Just keep an eye on the laundry situation. Some things getting over laundered, some things getting under laundered. Any time from age 10 until they are out of the home.

    • Athol – it’s not just the boys – my girls do the same thing…I have had to start making them fold and put away all the laundry so they can see what a pain it is to wash clean clothes…no progress yet, but I am hopeful 🙂

  7. LOL April… trust me on this, your girls may be doing the same thing, but when boys do it… laundry services may be required.

  8. It *kills* me when my just turned 14 year old daughter shaves. It’s almost as bad as when she walks in the living room and says, “Mom, I need some bigger bras”.


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