Weight Watchers Stinks

Ok, so maybe Weight Watchers doesn’t stink – the fact that I am on it does. I gained 15 pounds in 2007 – after I lost ALL the baby weight from Morgan’s birth in February! That train stops today – well yesterday.

First, let me note a few things to hedge off the “OMG – April has lost her mind” thoughts. I maybe a little quirky – but not about this.

I don’t think I am overweight, fat, gross or unhealthy. My body image is fine and I am not obsessing. I understand I am in a healthy weight range. In fact, I know I am pretty dern phenom for a 30-something mommy of four. I love myself and I am ok with the way I look.

But, the plain truth of the matter is that 15 pounds in one year is 30 pounds in two. In five years, I am 50-60 pounds out of my healthy weight range, my BMI is 32, I am technically obese and my youngest child will only be 6. People don’t ruin their health in one day…they do it over time. I am not willing to let that happen. Especially when I have a few other vices that I am not ready to deal with. Not to mention the fact that I am not excited about having to buy new clothes. Nope – we are going to nip this in the bud now.

Here’s the deal – I eat for pleasure and I *heart* food. In my teens, before kids, this was not a big deal. In my 20’s, it was only an issue the first six months after child birth. Now, in my 30’s, I have to accept that my body’s ability to withstand the fact that my favorite food is birthday cake and ice cream in dwindling.

So, I have decided on Weight Watchers. Not the meeting program, but the online accountability program. Couple of factors…

  • Price – it was a good deal
  • Flexibility – I lunch a lot. This is a big pain with a lot of programs. WW – I just count it.
  • Accountability – The whole thought around WW is better choices with moderation. Big secret right? No. Could I do this myself with a diary and a pen? Sure. I could even use you guys as accountability folks – but that is not why I blog usually. There is a mental (hehe) thing that happens when I know that I have real points subtracted when I eat food. Appeals to my inner sportsman. Who, incidentally, if I let out more often, would have cured this whole problem.
  • Everybody I know that has used it, likes it. I believe in word of mouth.

So, here I go…tapping at the door of 150lbs and knowing I really miss the land of the 130’s.


  1. Welcome to the CLUB! It’s easy! I just lack the disapline… But, I am on a 1300 calorie diet… WW helped with that! I am sure you will do better then I did this past year! AND you get to have ice cream AND birthday cake! I say what an amazing diet!!

  2. You are just CRAZY!!! You look wonderful just the way you are. Having said that, I am proud of you (as always) for tackling an issue that bothers you. I know that you and your (slightly) OCD self (he!he!) can drop the few pounds that you want to lose. I know you still own that food scale. And when you get to the land of the 130’s, tell them that I miss them SO much!!

  3. good luck on your weight loss journey!

    • SOnia – Thanks and I am so glad you came by! I was over at your place yesterday, I think…you have a neat writing style – I am looking forward to getting to know you better!

  4. Wade Young says:

    You might want to read The China Study. My wife and I became vegetarian after reading that book (at least we’re almost vegetarian or occasional meat eaters, depending upon how you look at it). We were die hard meat eaters, but the author made a convincing case. One of the things he points out is that the Chinese eat substantially more calories than we do. 2,600 per day for the Chinese, as I recall. To maintain weight, Americans have to eat around 2,000 (anything above that number results in jeans that sit unworn at the top of the closet). The theory is that the body can process more calories if it isn’t having to process meat and dairy. Since the switch, my wife and I eat as much as we want, and our weight stays the same. Lots of beans and cornbread. We love food too, and we love it more now than when we were eating meat. We feast at our house, and we don’t gain weight. For what it’s worth, giving up meat was extremely easy.

    • Wade – You are amazing! I can’t commit to anything – but I will tell you I hear what you are saying and it makes sense. I have cut down on red meat, eating mostly chicken and fish. The red meat I do eat is in greatly reduced portion sides. I have kicked up the fresh fruits and veggies and am still moderate about starches. So, I can’t use the “V” word, but I know what you are saying has merit and I have adjusted some eating habits in that direction.

  5. April, I feel your pain in a different way- I am underweight and it is a struggle to get to a healthy weight. After pregnancy it was very easy for me to lose weight but in normal life, it is hard to me to get to triple digits. It’s not about body image for you or me, it is about health. We can all agree that when we’re at the optimal weight we FEEL better! 🙂 You’ll do a great job- one vice at a time, baby!

    • Lani – Women everywhere are calling you names. But, I don’t think people in general understand your dilemma. I don’t want to be a cow and you don’t want to be a stick – we know that neither looks or is healthy. Folks will say it is easier for you because you can eat whatever you want – but that’s not true. Because it is a health issue, your food choices have to be smart as well…putting on weight by easting chocolate and pecan pie is unhealthy regardless of what weight you are at.

  6. April I know what you mean above moving into the 30s. My 20s were great. I at least thought I was invincible. Now I have to worry about what I eat and straining my back when I move stuff around. I wish there was a “become 20 again” pill.

    Wade – That is interesting. I have near heard that before about red meat but it makes sense.

    • Ki – Girl, don’t I know! The 20 year old body is amazing adaptive. But I don’t know about the 20 again…there is something wonderful about being 30…20 year old metabolism maybe 😉

  7. Weightwatchers Recipes says:

    Good luck with it 🙂

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