Turn Around Tuesday

“The best time to have planted a tree is twenty years ago, the next best time is now!” – Chinese Proverb via Tony Gallegos, The Mortgage Cicerone

I was an average student in high school by choice. I had figured out that if I could pick the right classes and do the right things, I never really had to spend too much time on my school work. That freed me up to do the really important things (insert sarcasm here).

As you can imagine, this mentality did not support college after graduation. While I am proud of my decision to go into the military, I am disappointed at my lack of formal education. Because I lacked priorities, I have learned, read and been exposed to far fewer things than I am comfortable with.

However, I did go back to school and am close to finished. I am attempting to catch up on all the books I didn’t open in high school. I try to learn a little bit everyday on a topic I know little to nothing about. It’s not the most efficient or convenient way to do it – but it’s getting done.

We all have things we have put off for too long or placed lower than we should on our priorities. Once it has been there a while, we tend to think that it would be too hard or not worthwhile to pick it up and finish it out. It’s not.

Today I want to encourage you plant a tree you know you should have planted some time ago. Go ahead and give life to that project you know you should have started yesterday and the day before. It can be a big oak tree or the petite dogwood. The type of tree is not important. The oxygen it produces is.

BlogSavannah UnConference is Friday

I mentioned last week that I will be at at BlogSavannah UnConference ’08 hosting the Working Mommy Blogger Breakout Session with Ginger Heidel. I am really looking forward to it and would like to extend the invite to all of you.

The UnConference is scheduled for this Friday from 9am – 4pm. We will be gathering at Armstrong Atlantic University’s Center for Professional and Continuing Education. If you can believe it – registration is free on the website.

I just read that registered attendees have broken the 100 mark. I looked through the list of hosters, attendees and topics – if you have ever thought about implementing an interactive web presence into your business plan, this is the place to be. And I know not all of you live in Savannah. That’s okay – it’s a great place to visit and the town is very hospitable.

Today’s quote was found at Tony Gallegos’ The Mortgage Cicerone.


  1. Wade Young says:

    If you weren’t educated, how did you learn to write so well? A lot of educated people cannot write at all. You are probably a lot more educated than you think.

  2. Wade – what a nice thing to say!

    I guess we are talking semantics. When I say “educated” I mean formally – school stuff. While I am confident in my intelligence and common sense, I wish I had a broader background in those subject based type things you get in a formal education

    Does that make any sense? So much for writing well 😉

  3. April – What a wonderful story! The proverb is one of my favorites and one often used. My father-in-law was a 9th grade dropout that joined the Army at 17 in 1956. After reaching the rank of Corporal, his Seargent MADE him get his GED. Subsequently, he thrived in the Army and kept rising in rank as an enlisted man. Eventually during the Vietnam War he was made an officer at 29 years of age. After serving a tour in Vietnam, he knew he wanted to make the Army his career, but knew if he did not get his degree as an officer, he would get rifted when the war ended. He did finish his degree through a boot-strap Bachelor Degree program and he did it in two years. Through the next few years, he was a War College graduate and also completed his Masters degree. During the eighties he commanded the nuclear missile sites in Germany and while serving as General Schwartzkoffs logical commander, completed the logistical plan for the first Gulf War.

    My father-in-law retired when he retired had attained the rank of full Colonel and was on the list to get promoted to a Brig. General.

    Long story short, yes, the advice of the proverb works and the story of a 17 year old dropout that became a full Colonel in the US Army is a real life example.

    • Tony – Thanks! When I saw your post – I knew that was it. I loved it!

      Thanks for the story about your father-in-law…it is amazing! Thought I wasn’t going to hit the books today, but now I think I will 🙂


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