Sunday Stroll

Yeah – I know it’s Monday…just pretend with me and we will continue right along…

Tim over at Network Marketing Journey calls it like it is and tasks you to find the hole.

Craig Harper points out the difference between Talking and Communicating…notice that it is your responsibility- not the other guy’s.

Jay Thompson, THE Phoenix Real Estate Guy, has a post that would be hilarious if it weren’t so painfully true. How Not to Sell Your Phoenix Home (or any home for that matter).

Dawud Miracle asks the question we all should be answering concerning social media relationships and finding the time to connect.

Phil “Make It Great” Gerbyshak wants to know if you are settling for less than greatness just to achieve success. Sound backwards? It ain’t.

Carolyn Townes hits one out of the park with “Yes, Life is Difficult…Now What?” You know me – I love the pull your bootstraps up and get over it stuff – this one has it in boatloads.

LOL CAT Fav of the Day


  1. I read Jay’s article about 100 times!!! Sweet lineup!

  2. Tim Draayer says:

    Thanks for the plug, April. I’m humbled to be held in such great company. All the best!

  3. Hey My Beautiful April,

    Thanks so much for the love link and inviting me along the Sunday Stroll. I am truly honored.

    Peace and love to you, Carolyn

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