Turn Around Tuesday

“So it’s not who you know. It’s who knows you.” – Athol Kay, Realtor, blogger, photographer

Today’s social media community driven by high powered technology has made the world a much smaller place. We can connect, conference and do business with people from all over the world from the comforts of our own home. Create some travel plans and you can do it in person.

If this smallness does nothing else, it creates choice. Choice in who to interact with personally and who to do business with professionally. With all this choice, the particular product or service is no longer the selling point – the person behind it is.

This translates into a surge of networking venues – shaking hands, passing cards, and “getting your name out there.” However, your name is just like your product or service – not so much important when compared to the person behind it.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the process of meeting “the person to know.” Whether you are in a new town or the place you grew up, there is always talk of “the person you need to connect with. While this may be true, don’t ever forget that sentence has a follow up thought – “And needs to connect with you.”

Today I encourage you to remember the truth in “quality, not quantity,” and recognize how it applies to your relationships. When someone gets to know the wonderful person you are, your name won’t be a problem. Remember – when you are out meeting “the people to know,” you are one of those people yourself.

Pink Cadillac for a Good Cause

Savannah AMBUCS is gearing up to host their 31st annual Cadillac Party. While the party may not be until February 2nd – the the preparation time is now.

For those who haven’t heard, AMBUCS is a service organization dedicated to “creating independence and opportunities for people with disabilities.”

You can find out more about AMBUCS and the Cadillac Party on the web.

Donations, tickets, sponsorship and all other offers of assistance are greatly appreciated. You can ask questions about or provide any of these things by calling Alchemy of Savannah.

On a side note – I will be UnFacilitating the Working Mommy Blogger Breakout Session with Ginger Heidel at BlogSavannah UnConference ’08. Registration is free on the website.

Today’s quote was found at Athol Kay’s RE Agent


  1. Hi April,

    thanks so much for the link love, I appreciate it. I’m pretty sure I picked up that thought via Scott Ginsberg though.

    • Athol – you are welcome…and it is said, “nothing new under the sun.” I hear the same thing in different versions all the time.The one that hits me – wins. Your post hit me 🙂 I thought it was great!

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  3. The comment email works. Glad to be a guinea pig.

    • So I guess you are getting the emails 🙂 The problem is my notification emails have stopped. I have to log into to the blog to see if there are any comments to answer…sounds convenient doesn’t it?

  4. On, Pink Cadillac Party-WOW!
    Thats our sister city we are Atalanta-and I never heard of this. Gotta gotta gotaa GO, that is next year! Just saw it was on Feb 2nd :o(

    • Bill – You should! They had a great time and raised money and awareness.

      I love audio books, BTW – best thing ever…well, in the realm of books I can read while washing the dishes 🙂

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