Sunday Stroll

First – Big News about two Blogger Hook ups

BlogSavannah UnConference happens January 25th. If you are close or can get close – come on out. Ginger Heidel and I are unfacilitating the Working Mommy Blogger breakout session. Registration is here. You can read more about it

  • From Me
  • Fitz Haile of the Creative Coast
  • Drew Odom on BlogSavannah
  • Andrew Davies of Paragon Muse

SOBCon ’08 Dates are up and they are accepting requests for registration announcements. Look for me in Chicago May 2 – 4. You can bet there will be more talk about this before my plane takes off 🙂

Now, on to the finds…

You know Lani from her cute little postings here that make the coveted SOB Cafe List…but you ain’t seen her chew gum yet!

Ines posts a challenge for real estate professionals which I gladly take on. Not in real estate? Doesn’t matter – it applies to you too!

No drama mamas here! Liz Fuller and Shirley Poertner both have posts near and dear to my female “tired of seeing the mascara jacked up” heart.

AJ West at Lifehack leads you through the one thing that if you haven’t done it yet, DO IT NOW!

LOL Cat Fave of the Day – wins because my Savannah says so 🙂


  1. creechman says:

    Leave the poor frog alone. His homestead exemption recently expired.

  2. Hi April! Thanks for the SOBCon link love, and I’m happy to hear you will be in Chicago! I’m also hopeful for a JJL meet-up as well – what a “twofer” that would be! Thanks again, all the best, and see you soon!

  3. Terry,

    I was my pleasure. I am too excited and have already lined up a sitter (I am hoping my handsome hubby will join me).

    The JJL thing would be great! I am planning to get there the day before and leave the day after so I don’t feel rushed…you’ve been to the original SOBCon – does that sound like an unnecessary step or good planning.

  4. April, thanks for the mention- you rock! I encourage NO ONE to read my interview- it’s awful!!!! 🙂

    SOBCon sounds fun- enjoy!

  5. That sounds right April if you want to catch all the festivities – unless you can get an early flight into O’Hare on Friday and a late one out on Sunday. Have a great week!

  6. Hi April

    Thanks for mentioning my article – and for pointing out Shirley’s to me – good stuff!


  7. Creech – you are a trip 🙂

    Lani – I think EVERYBODY should read it. I thought it was a riot!

    Terry – that’s what I thought…I am really excited!

    Liz – My pleasure! I loved them both – rage against the drama llama 🙂

  8. Looking forward to meeting you at SOBCon, April!

  9. Easton – I am too…I can hardly wait!!


  1. Thanks for Supporting SOBCon 08 says:

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