Turn Around Tuesday

“If I contradict myself, very well…I contradict myself.” – Leo Babauta, author

Creative spelling irritates me – creative grammar and punctuation do not. I love pajamas because they are comfortable, and high heeled shoes which are not. I get excited with out of the box thinking and nervous when some people stray too far from the norm. I thrive in security, yet find myself taking big chances all the time.

Within my personality, I have contradictions. My husband would say that makes me crazy. I would say it makes me complex and diverse. I have a better way with words, don’t you think?

It has been my experience that most people have these contradictions in their personalities. Mind you, I am not talking about those in morality or intellectually dishonest inconsistencies. I am talking about those slight differences in the things that motivate, intrigue and enthrall.

I spent quite a deal of time attempting to line up those little idiosyncrasies that lived inside my brain. Now I embrace them. These complexities have value in their ability to make us real and authentic individuals. Many times, we are able to see different perspectives of the same reality. Often, these personality complexities allow us to relate to others on deeper, more connected level.

Today I encourage you to embrace your contradictions. Remember that it is not only the difference among others that make us a wonderful variety of people. It is also those contradictions within ourselves that create the rainbow of our own personality.

BlogSavannah UnConference

Wikipedia explains that an UnConference is a “conference where the content of the sessions is created and managed by the participants, generally day-by-day during the course of the event, rather than by one or more organizers in advance of the event.”

If you live or are going to be in Savannah, UnConference 2008 is now taking registrations of the “free” kind. The UnConference will be held January 25th, 9am-4pm at Armstrong Atlantic State University Center for Professional and Continuing Education.

If you are a blogger, curious about blogging, or considering implementing an interactive web strategy into your business plan, this is a great time to get your feet wet. You can find more information at the BlogSavannah website.

Today’s quote was found at Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits


  1. Thanks for the link, April! However, in honesty, I can’t take credit for the quote … I should have attributed it on my site, but didn’t bother … I was paraphrasing Whitman:


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