Sunday Stroll

We may walk a bit longer today since last weekend…well we won’t rehash technical difficulties 🙂

P is for Positive Intent – Patti says (among other insightful things)

This isn’t about being a pollyanna and unrealistic. It’s about eliminating opportunities for anger in your life – and sometimes it’s about opening the door for dialogue. If I start from a blaming place: “How could he do this?” “She’s out to get me,” then there’s no place for us to go from there.

Taking the tree down: Getting rid of the DeadwoodDavid Zinger at Slacker Manager ain’t talking about your Christmas tree either

Brad Isaac gets a twofer

2008 Will be Dramatically Different at SuccessCREEations – Chris Cree makes his long awaited, greatly anticipated, very exciting announcement.

The Todd Kaufman Problem is Your Problem Too – Brian Brady knocks one out of the park in the first two sentences.

The Long Trails

LOL Cat Fave of the Day


  1. Thank you for finding my blog. I love the lolcat – I think you’ve reframed my way of looking at goals!

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