We’re up…I think

The holidays were amazing!

  • My sister had my niece 7 weeks early. All are fine, but Phylisa is still in the hospital. She should come home soon. Ain’t she pretty!
  • Both of my babies decided to get matching pairs of double ear infections.
  • Babies also decided to get mommy and daddy sick too.
  • My website crashed – hard

Notice that none of these situations were ones I could control. We all know how much I love that (insert sarcasm here).

At any rate, I think we are all back up and running. I had to reload some of the comments that I still had on file. However, some of them between December 21st and now are gone forever. It could be worse – yesterday, they were ALL gone. However, there was a great conversation going on about the education video posted. That’s gone. That’s disappointing.

I do know that I am not the only one. Kris Berg had the same issue. I feel your pain honey!

I also know that once again, the phenom Chris Cree showed up and showed out. I didn’t even have to ask for help – he offered. Then he held class and educated all of us. There is great information here…go check it out!

So, onward and upward…and if we could continue brainstorming about that education video, that would be great!

 *Update – guess what I found in my email…some of the comments for the video post!!  I am re inputing them  now!!


  1. YAY! Glad you are back!
    Your neice is beautiful!

    Let the video comments roll! HUGS!!!

  2. Thanks! She actually got to go home Friday. Everybody is very excited!

  3. I’m SO GLAD she’s home!!!! We’ve been praying for her and you (and will continue to)! 🙂

  4. She absolutely beautiful, but then again, all of the Burns girls are beautiful, and so are their babies!! Glad to see that she is home and doing well. Love, hugs & misses to you!

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