Toastmasters is coming to Richmond Hill

Toastmasters is coming to Richmond Hill

A while back I mentioned that a group was toying with the idea of starting a local Toastmasters group here in Richmond Hill. Well, we are toying no more.

The first meeting will be held Monday, January 14, 8:30am at Magnolia Manor. All are invited to attend to see what it is all about. In the meantime, you are more than welcome to give me a call if you have any questions.

Special thanks goes out to Rich Delong and the staff at Magnolia Manor for once again opening their home to community events and being incredibly hospitable.


  1. Carrie Blackburn says:

    SO…. How did the first meeting go?? I’m so sorry to have missed it … well, not really. What I got in exchange was pretty much worth it. 🙂

  2. Yeah – I’d have missed the meeting if I had to birth a baby too 🙂 She is beautiful by the way!

    The first (and second) meeting went really good. I think it is going to turn into quite the club.

    We have a seat for you whenever you are ready 🙂

  3. This is exciting news! I learned about this a couple of weeks ago through my other Toastmasters connections (I am a member of a Savannah club; I highly recommend to anyone to join this organization – it has changed my life. It is so much more than just public speaking. It is also about leadership, networking and building new friendships.

    I won’t even hesitate a moment: I will be a member of this club! Anyone who just wants to know what this is all about, I say, just come and visit and be surprised.


  4. I am wondering where can i find more information about the meetings?? I would love to join!!! THanks

  5. Brenda – We would love to have you! We meet every Monday morning at 8:30am at Magnolia Manor. Please feel free to call or just show up!

  6. Can you give me any information on the Toast Masters in Richmond Hill. I am interested.

    Thank You
    Dave Quayle

  7. Dave,

    The Richmond Hill Toastmasters meet every Friday at noon at the Richmond Hill/Bryan County CHamber of Commerce located in the Speir-Brogdon Building.

    They are a great group and I am certain you will have a great time!

  8. It’s been roughly a year since It’s Toastmaster’s Ya’ll exploded onto the scene. As mentioned above, we are currently meeting each Friday at noon at the Chamber of Commerce. We also have two websites, the “official” one: and the ever present facebook page: — If you’re on Facebook, become a “fan” of our page, okay. If you’re not on Facebook, just drop by any Friday and get to know us. 🙂 We never bite.

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