Not yet ready to return to our regularly scheduled programming

Not yet ready to return to our regularly scheduled programming

So, the idea was that I would lay low for the holidays. It was the holidays, after all. Add to that some sick kids and a cold myself, seemed like the perfect time for some time off. Then, when the New Year rang in, so would I. Back to work and back to the web.

Then my website went crazy. Serve fell down and skinned it’s knee, email took a vacation, and the “Cannot connect to this site” was my front page. BlueHost worked on it and it should’ve been good to go. Except, all the comments on My Beautiful Chaos are gone. All of them. Now, BlueHost can see them – they are in the database. That’s promising. But…

  • I haven’t changed anything on the backend of the blog
  • I use the same theme here as I do on Making Life Work for You and there aren’t these problems over there
  • I tried to use a default theme and I deactivated all the plugins…same problems.
  • I am running an older version of WordPress and I am scared to death to update it. I don’t think my theme supports the new version and I really don’t want to change my theme. Maybe I will have to bite the bullet

At any rate…please forgive the mess while I abuse my friendship with Chris Cree and he helps me figure this out. If you have any suggestions, the new comments still work, please feel free to leave them.

BTW – Happy New Year and GO DAWGS!


  1. Hello April, technology can be very challenging. Hope you can keep your cool while they sort it out. To be truthful, at times I’ve wanted to throw my computer out the window when tech didn’t work as it was supposed to. The difference is that unlike people, technology is very rigid and often it is one little period or something so minute that’s missing. 😉

    I wish you well as you figure this out. Chris is great to assist!

  2. I think I did ok remaining calm…but it was tough 🙂

    I was definitely lucky to have Chris around!


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