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Turn Around Tuesday

“The one constant problem with office politics is that 1) most people start the conflict themselves without realizing it and 2) most people don’t realize that they are involved in a game until it is too late. ” – Timothy Johnson, Iowa Biz

I really don’t like conflict. It is uncomfortable to me and I would prefer resolve a situation sooner rather than later. But that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally create it.

Don’t misunderstand me – I am not a drama fan and don’t intentional create conflict. However, it happens none the less. It is the law of unintended consequences – action you take may have results that you had not considered or desired.

And, of course, there are those that thrive on a good dose of discontent. Not my cup of tea. I steer clear of them when I can and get the job done quick when I can’t.

Therefore, reality states that conflict is darn near inevitable. We all must deal with it. More importantly, we must be prepared to bite the bullet and take responsibility when it is created by our own doings.

Today I want to encourage you know yourself. Understand that there are three sides to every story. Know that when conflict arises, the only part of the equation you can control is you. Life is far to short to dwell in the uneasy.

It’s Toastmasters Ya’ll

When I was stationed in Chicago, I had the opportunity to participate in Toastmasters. Once I moved back home, the clubs available were not conducive to my schedule. What is one to do?

Wrangle up a group of friends and start your own! That is just what we have done in Richmond Hill. We are hoping you will come out and join us.

Our group has not officially chartered and we are looking for folks to fill some important slots. Never done Toastmasters? Don’t worry – neither have many of our new members!

Meetings are held every Monday morning, 8:30am at Magnolia Manor. Feel free to contact me if you need any further information. I’ll even tell you how we got out name!

Today’s quote was found at the collaborative blog Iowa Biz

State of the Union

Coffee CupJust some talking points I managed to type up while watching…feel free to discuss responsibly, add, or just ponder. Click here to see “coffee cup” purpose.

Trust people with their own money and trust them to grow our economy.

52 straight months of growing jobs – wages are up so are food and gas.

Economic stimulus package can be hung up by add ons – that will hold up or derail it

Are you rich and like taxes? W says he appreciates your enthusiasm and the IRS accepts check and money orders.

Has cut 151 programs equaling $18B and a balanced budget 2012 – American families have to do it – so should the government

Congressional earmarks that are snuck in without discussion or vote…appropriations without earmarks cut in half will be vetoed.

Says he will issue an executive order tomorrow stating federal agencies will have to reject earmarks not voted on publicly by congress

Hope Now Alliance helps home owners avoid foreclosure. Modernize Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Tax free bonds to help homeowners refinance their mortgages

Affordable health care through consumer choice – not government control. Health saving plans, Small business availability.

Education – me must trust students to learn and allow parents to demand results.

No child left behind – 4th and 8th grade math students have achieved the highest test scores ever. Increase accountability.

Failing schools – 2600+ students in DC can go to a faith based or nonpublic school.

$330M pell grants for kids for children trapped in failing public schools.

Americans workers can compete with anyone in the world. Free trade agreement with Peru is successful and like agreements need to be fostered with Columbia, Panama and South Korea.

Columbia – if we fail to pass this agreement we will embolden the purveyors of false populism in our hemisphere…

Energy security – trust in the creative genius of innovators and entrepreneurs. Nuclear power, capturing carbon emission, renewable fuels

Advances show that adult stem cells can work like embryonic stem cells – work towards medical advances without the destruction of human life. Ban buying, selling cloning of human life – all life must be treated with dignity.

Judges should get prompt up or down vote.

Permanently extend Charitable Choice

Entitlement spending – Medicare, social security – need reform need solutions to save them for our children and grandchildren

Immigration – secure borders, fences, technology, catch and release at the border, double number of border patrol agents…but we need to find a way to lawfully allow workers to come over to support our economy. Must deal compassionately with those already here. Solution must coincide with laws and our high ideals.

Foreign Policy – 3200 Marines added to Afghanistan to fight and train. Spreading freedom and democracy reduces terror and terrorism.

Surge work with the Iraqi forces to protect the Iraqis. People understood that they were not going to be abandoned. They stayed behind and ensure the safety of neighborhoods, improvement in security, improvement in daily life.

Return on success – 20000 troops coming home…”You have our solemn pledge – you will have all you need to protect our nation.” Called on congress to fully fund the troops.

This is Mommy Blogging

I wish this had happened before the Blog Savannah UnConference. It would have been great for the Working Mommy Bloggers Session.

And you are dern straight these pictures are totally cropped and strategically aimed as to not include my no makeup face. Seriously – did you really? I think not. If Benn can hide behind a coffee cup, I can use Photoshop.

And yes – that is the retro (meaning left over from last year) Blog Savannah UnConference T-Shirt.

Richmond Hill Magazine Celebrates its First Anniversary

Had to post about the great time I had at the First Anniversary Party of The Richmond Hill Magazine. We all got together at Jack’s Hydeway and it was a lot of fun.

Here is Julie Hales, Publisher, with Jack Hyde, featured in the upcoming magazine, Lynette Tuck, Account Representative, and Todd Wood, Editor.

Many of the ladies from the Richmond Hill Women’s Business Alliance were there too.

The crew at the Richmond Hill Magazine has done a wonderful job showcasing local businesses, people, events and places.

The announcement was made that the Magazine would be shifting from its quarterly time line to a bimonthly publication.

With all that coverage, we can’t wait to see who shows up at next year’s party!

Purpose, Intention and Great Blogging

Let me tell you about the neatness that was Blog Savannah UnConference ’08. I got to meet some of the best and brightest in Savannah

And connect with some I already knew

It was a phenom time. I was most excited to be able to connect with other mommy bloggers during the the working mommy blogger breakout session. I had the opportunity to discuss purpose and intention with some wonderful smart mommies.

The neat thing about an UnConference is you can just discuss. As the UnSpeakers, Ginger introduced herself and I introduced myself. We discovered that we blogged with different purpose and intention – and both were good. As the discussion took off around the room, you found a lot of different intentions and purposes – and they were all good.

Some of us were blogging with a scrapbook feel. Others were looking for teachable moments. Some were supporting other bloggers as a research. All were concerned about our kids and their privacy. We talked a lot about how much is too much and where do you draw the line.

The moral of the story is that they all blogged with integrity. They focused on purpose and they lived by their own intention. It was a great opportunity to be reminded of the importance of these things in blogging.

I would love to hear how you keep them integrated into your blog…

Sunday Stroll

Tamar Weinberg over at LifeHacker pulls out a post from Mother Tongue Annoyances that strives to help us all with that big Public Speaking Fear. Follow this advice and then come practice it at Toastmasters.

Found out about a great new WordPress Plugin from W-Shadow that will find broken links. Big Thanks to Jamie Harrop for spreading the word about the plugin and Liz Strauss for spreading the word about Jamie.

Rosa suggests “Stop Telling People You are Busy.” I think I’ll read this one again – and so should you.

Mortgage Rates vs Fed Rates by THE Phoenix Real Estate Guy.

Larry Cragun stopped me in my tracks with this post on the what he considers the most dangerous thing we do everyday.

Shake out the fleas and your creativity with Dustin at Casual Fridays

Agent Genius made my Twitter Week with Benn’s post on pulling blog feeds into Twitter posts. Then he got all cryptic with his “It’s coming” post. He closed the freaking comments and everything! Here is what I do know – Google is moving into the building with AG – dude, you had so better not be holding out on me. I will know when Lani starts bragging on her new car – you know she can’t keep a secret. Until you come clean …

LOL Cat Fave of the Day (dedicated to the secretive coffee cup guy)

Wireless Amber Alerts – Do it Now!

Your inbox gets the “please find this child” email for the umpteenth billion time. It’s a scam. You know it is. But, facts are that children go missing. And there has to be a better way than sorting though spam.

I thought it was a wonderful idea when they installed the Amber Alert signs on the interstates. Unfortunatley, I am not always on the interstate, or in my car, or watching TV. But I almost ALWAYS have my cell phone.

Wireless Amber Alerts allows you to subscribe to a service that sends Amber Alerts directly to your cell phone in the form of a text message. Sign up is quick and easy. It’s dern near a moral obligation – yes, I feel that strongly about it.

One zip code from a city will cover the entire city regardless of the number of zip codes located in it. You can chose up to five. Cell Carriers that have come on board will not charge you text messaging fees for the service. Got any other questions – they have a page for that here.

Now get to clicking – we are all subscribed to less important things.

Working the Brand Loyalty and Solving the Case of the Missing Sock

Nope – Athol is AWOL. I am talking about those socks the dryer eats. I have a basket full of socks that I think are going to miraculously reappear one day – and when they do, their match will be waiting for them. I may get rid of that basket.

The monthly tip at Dressing Well concerns winter hosiery. All the pointers were useful – but one stood out – exercise brand loyalty when buying socks. Then, when the dryer eats one or eight, you still have matches and when you have to buy more, buying the same kind keeps the singles you have useful. Why haven’t I thought of that before?

Th simpleness of it all made me reconsider other areas where brand loyalty is important.

  • I always use the same clothes detergent because I know it works and I know no one in the house has a reaction from it.
  • I always use the same dishwasher powder and kitchen cleaner because I know it is dependable.
  • I never vary on my hairdresser or nail guy because I am careful about grooming.

Seems to me that many of us are in the business of branding – whether it be ourselves or our company. The dryer provides a valid argument for sock brand loyalty.

How do we harness that same strategy?

*Photo credit to Inga Galkinaite

When to Ask a Doctor for Advice

So, I haven’t been out of pajamas since Monday afternoon. Don’t be jealous – it hasn’t been fun. I think I am getting sawed in half right around my midsection. It’s chick stuff, so I won’t go into it (you’re welcome). However, it is not normal for me, so it is starting to get me a bit worried.

Here’s the conundrum. I’d like to call the doctor and just fly this all by her to see what she thinks. What will probably happen is a CYA answer of, “You should come in so we can check it out.” I will because I am already worried. I’ll get there, she will check me out, have no real answers and send me home with orders to rest, drink lots of fluids and call her tomorrow if it doesn’t get better. I will be miraculously healed on the way home and get her bill in the mail next week.

*Note – I love my doctor. She is wonderful. Personable, professional, capable, reasonable and always on time. I get the fact that doctor’s are far less likely to say anything other than “come in” over the phone due to the litigious society we live in. Still doesn’t change my predicament

So, I won’t call the doctor and find out next week I have some weird condition that would have been no big deal if they had caught it earlier – like when I was gonna call in the first place.

When do you call the doctor?

I Shaved My Legs For This?

What most women won’t tell you or admit to is the fact that many of us shave our legs a lot less in the winter than in the summer. Obvious reasons are that shaving is a pain and the winter usually means covered up legs. But, we still do it occasionally – and a funny thing happened the last time I did. I thought about my kids.

It is no secret that I get pretty riled up over the current state of the over sexed, over objectified, under responsible promotion of youth. I am irritated by The Little Mermaid, collagen lipped dolls, and in your face teenage pregnancy. We attempt to instill in our girls that they are beautiful tea cups, masterpieces even, and that they have the personal responsibility to protect their character, reputation, and moral fortitude. We attempt not to shelter, but to remain age appropriate.

Some things are fairly cut and dry. Shaving isn’t one of them. I wonder what I will say when they ask for the razor? I am not sure what age I feel is appropriate. What I do remember is being told “no” when I first asked – middle school I think. I also remember the whole ordeal being very embarrassing on an appearance level.

But the whole act of leg shaving seems so grown up. Almost suggestive. When a woman is getting ready for a night out, she surely shaves her legs – even in the winter. When said evening goes bad, the “I shaved my legs for this?” question gets asked.

I dunno…the lovely grey area of parenting.

*Photo by Jyn Meyer