How do you compete against that?

Awhile back I saw this guy, Paul Potts, and was moved to tears – both by the performance and the story.

[youtube 1k08yxu57NA nolink]

Then, Athol introduces me to this lovely 6 year old, Connie Talbot.

[youtube QWNoiVrJDsE nolink]

Later, when looking for the video on YouTube because my 6 year old wanted to see it full screen, I made a personal discovery – both of these vocal powerhouses were competing during the same season! What a piece of bad luck for the both of them.

I watched Paul sing with such mastery and emotion. Brilliant. Then I watched Connie do her “Over the Rainbow” and couldn’t help but think, “Sure he’s great. But how do you compete with that?” She’s sweet, cute, and talented. Plus, she’s 6. How do you compete against 6 year old?

The same way you compete with anyone else – don’t.

If there was a more perfect example of why using others as our personal measuring stick is a bad idea, I invite you to share it – we can always use more reminders.
Competition against others allows you only to be “better than.” It is no testament to your actual potential. There is little success in beating out the competition. However, there is greatest awaiting when you tap into your own possibilities and set your mind to being better today than you were yesterday.

While competition maybe great for price control, service quality, and other capitalistic ventures, it falls short when attempting to determine your personal value.


  1. Glad you liked her April. I had that song in my head all day because of her. 🙂

  2. I did! Thanks! My six year old did too. She thought it was real neat seeing someone her age do well with Simon 🙂

    Now, we have to play it for her a few times a day…how’s that for being stuck in your head 😛

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