Lani Got Fired By Mark Cuban

I’m not in the “Power Level” of influence in the industry in Mark Cuban’s eyes- he must not know who I am.  I’m just not sure what to think about being fired from Mark Cuban’s Facebook Friends list… I might just buy into O’Reilley’s Cuban bashing!

On the other hand, I took a page from Cuban and peeked at my FB friends list.  I decided I need to delete some contacts I don’t know (and can’t name their city or profession) and add some new *more useful* contacts for networking.  Consider THIS your invitation to be my friend (I already like you if you’re reading Beautiful Chaos!).  If you’re not on Facebook yet, get going- there is great business success in disarming your audience! 🙂


  1. Facebook…. should I go back there and actually expend effort? Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Lani – Cuban who? You are way cooler than him anyway! He just fired you because he knew sooner or later you’d get tired of picking up his slack!

  3. April, this is why I love you!!!

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