Big Thanks to Santa Claus

Big Thanks to Santa Claus

And the guys from the South Bryan County Fire Department. As is their tradition, the firefighters ride Santa around through all the neighborhoods. Last night, our neighborhood was on the list.

I saw the sign posted at the subdivision entrance after I dropped the kids off at school. It just said, “Santa will be in your neighborhood tonight.” Great – except I didn’t know when tonight. Getting four kids fed, bathed, and in bed is fun – add to the mix watching out for Santa – wow!

So, I called the Fire Department. They were the nicest folks (I am not surprised – I just wanted to make sure it got mentioned). They said 6:30 and they rolled through with sirens blaring right on time.

Well, Mrs. Claus must of told her husband he needed some exercise or something (you know how wives can be). I only say this because Santa didn’t simply ride on the firetruck. When the sirens went off, kids came running out of houses. The truck stopped and Santa came down. He talked with the kids, gave hugs, tool pictures, and handed out candy canes. He walked along the sidewalk, down the street where all the kids had gathered, firetruck following behind. The kids were thrilled.

Thanks, Santa and South Bryan County Fire Department – you made the kids’ night!

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