Lani Has Mice…

If you aren’t addicted to, please for the love of everything good, GET HOOKED, it makes every day brighter!  If you don’t speak LOL Cat, it doesn’t take long to pick up.  Below is my favorite LOL Cat and a great representation why April and I are addicted:


  1. LOL!!! That is the funniest thing I have seen lately!!

  2. ME TOO! It’s the picture on my desktop screen 🙂 Glad you enjoyed- are you addicted yet??

  3. If I am not real careful, I could turn this blog into a showcase for LOL Cat.

    Great pick…even if it doesn’t have the Batman sound effects 😛

  4. LOL! The other day I wrote a post about the Cheezburger and new Hot Dog site. LOL. 🙂

  5. OMG now I HAVE to go there. That is just too priceless!

    And I can’t help but think.

    M R Mys. C D E D B D Is, M R Mys! *laugh* M R adoraawackle wittwe BB Mys.

  6. Morgan! We are practically neighbors! I didn’t even realize it until I saw your post on “The Journey” and thought, “Hmm. Savannah Christian does the Journey too. I wonder if that is the same one.” And it is!!

    It is a requirement for bloggy friend neighbors to meet for real over lunch or coffee. So let’s get to scheduling!

  7. Whims – I have recently found your place on the web and it is a fun place to hang out. Glad to see you here!

    But…you have to translate that thing your thinking…I am slow and don’t get it 😛

  8. You have to say the letters out loud, and sound out the letter combinations, just like on *chuckle* Just say it out loud, you’ll get it. It doesn’t work any other way. *grin*

    BTW, I just sucked their site dry, voted on all the possible new goodies and signed up for the feed. Thanks for telling me about it!

  9. Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog. 😀

  10. After a minute of sounding completly foolish – I think I’ve got it 😛

    Thanks for having me!


  1. brandeo says:

    the w list of women bloggers…

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