Bryan County Drug Free Coalition

If you haven’t heard, a group has been formed and is working very hard to out together a proposal for a federal grant to¬†obtain funds “to support capacity building and community awareness as it relates to substance abuse, education and access.”

The Coalition Chair, Gini Nichols works closely with Tara Jennings of Family Connection and a group of community volunteers. The coalition began meeting in August.

The Coalition has defined it’s mission as “a community alliance dedicated to implementing comprehensive strategies to prevent and reduce substance abuse among area youth in order to promote positive long-term community change.”

The purpose is “to identify local leading problems as it relates to substance abuse and increase awareness and cooperation through a collaborative comprehensive plan to educate the community in order to increase protective factors among youth and prevent the usage in Bryan County over time.”

The group has worked very hard to identify the current situation in Bryan County as it relates to current usage in various demographics. Assessing that situation is the starting point for the action steps that attempts to reduce the activity in these problem areas of substance abuse.

Concerned individuals are always encouraged to participate. The next meeting will be on Monday, January 28th from 3-5pm at the Richmond Hill Library.

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