There is Snitter in my Coffee

Ha! Made you look! So sue me if I have a little fun with the post titles. I am, however, fixing to go on a rave about two new things I just discovered. I have no monetary interest in either of these items. They just ROCK!

First, I think I may finally be able to be a non-crappy Twitter person! Don’t laugh – this is dream of mine. I see all these folks just twittering away – always current, “here’s what I’m doing,” little chit chats in their own twitter little way. Ugh! I could update twitter once, maybe twice, an eon!

Underachiever no longer. Thanks to Chris Cree, I have discovered Snitter. This little window of magic allows my Tweets to sit in an IM type box in the corner of my desktop. It makes little noises when someone tweets me and I can change the color. Woo Hoo! I too will be a Twitter master. Hey, you have your dreams, I have mine.

So now, I need more coffee to keep me awake because my new Snitter toy is keeping me up late at night. Unfortunately, I like yummy flavored coffee and my husband likes, well, just coffee. And since we have the thermal coffee maker, he will take the whole coffee pot when he leaves for work – and that’s okay because I love him. But it does mean no more coffee for April.

Until eWomen Network’s Holiday Extravaganza where I won the coolest thing at the Silent Auction! My beautiful, new, personal coffee maker. No mess, no hassle, 3 minutes to fresh brewed. My kids made hot chocolate this morning, and I made coffee. I can’t even explain to you how cool this machine is. They have heavy duty ones for the office. But, this one is mine. Zoe, you are the best. Thanks for the machine.

You know you want my Snitter coffee 🙂


  1. Okay, I don’t Twitter, I’ve never heard of Snitter, and I already have an amazing one-cup fancy-schmancy coffee maker, so why does your writing make me want Snitter in my coffee? *boggle*

    Such is the power of good writing I guess. *smile*

  2. Isn’t there supposed to be a mug in there?

  3. Whims… 🙂 That is one of the most creative compliments I think I have ever received. Thanks! Glad you came by and I hope you come back…and best of luck with the car 🙂

    Creech – nope – mug is right where it is supposed to be…in my hand holding yummy goodness that I am drinking up 🙂

    How is the machine working for you…???
    I will leave out the cat fight that ALMOST ensued over that darn thing! HAHAHAHHA

  5. Dolores –

    What cat fight 😛 That machine was going home with me! I LOVE it. I use it everyday and the kids think the hot chocolate function is a dream!

  6. Yes April WHAT CAT FIGHT… ( wink )
    I will have to look into one of those…

  7. Interesting read. I’m new to your blog, but have enjoyed the first few posts I’ve read.

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