Sunday Stroll

Scott Ginsberg discusses the Myth of Writer’s Block

Chris Owen keeps your Christmas Sanity in check

Amy Kelly tells the Law of the Dump Truck

Karen Wallace of the Clearing Space talks about Giving up Perfection and Receiving Help over at Joyful Jubilant Learning.

There’s a tie for this weeks LOL Cat Fave – feel free to vote in the comments and break it for me.

moar funny pictures

moar funny pictures


  1. BACON DUDE!!!

  2. April,
    Thank you for pointing me towards Scott Ginsberg’s post on “Writer’s block” (or should I say “Thinker’s Block”)! I was in need of a little help!

    I have taken some of those tips to heart as I figure out why I have taken such a long time off from my blog (well two weeks anyway).

  3. I gotta go with the pig.

  4. Bacon it is 🙂

    Eric – Just for you 🙂 It happens to all of us. I was glad to find it and the encouragement.

  5. Definitely the Pig! But the cat IS gorgeous…

    Thanks for stopping in as you were strolling by, April – you’re such a sweetie!

  6. The cat just hit me…but, I think the crowd is correct about the pig.

    Karen, it’s a great place to stop in at…thanks for having us 🙂

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