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Liz Fuller writes a great blog at More Than WE Know. Her blog is dedicated to Women Entrepreneurs.

She has Meme’ed me with the 7 Facts About Me challenge. Here are the rules

  1. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself
  3. Tag 7 random people and include links to their blogs
  4. Let each person know they have been tagged and comment on their blog.

Alas, I have been tagged before. But, as Liz saw it fit to call me “multi-faceted,” I feel that I must be able to come up with seven more things. This also means that when I tag you, you are obligated to comply regardless of previous participation. I am sure you are interesting enough. How do I know? I read your blogs on a daily basis.

My previous entries are listed here – you can check out the explanations at their original home should you feel so inclined.

  1. My faith is a journey
  2. I still battle with the mean things kids say
  3. I have horrid fashion sense. My husband is my saving grace in this
  4. My favorite food is birthday cake
  5. I used to love going to the gym
  6. My kids and I all have Hawaiian middle names
  7. I hate the way I look in photographs and sound in audio recording
  8. Coloring my hair is one of my favorite things to do
  9. Children are my passion
  10. Rocky Balboa is my pop icon hero
  11. My husband is my BFF
  12. I am addicted to cashews and Webkinz
  13. I am really glad my folks are my folks

Now, on the the new seven

  1. Shallow politics grate my nerves. I won’t go much deeper than that – at least not just yet
  2. If it never made me dime, procured a client, or provided anything material of value, I would still write
  3. I lust after the college degree I am trying desperately to finish
  4. My house is consistently messy. I have tried several times to get it in order. Every time I pick it up, it falls back down. Maybe it’s because I have four kids. Maybe it’s because I am incredibly busy doing stuff I actually enjoy. Maybe it’s because I am a pack rat
  5. I am a pack rat. I hate throwing stuff away. It is emotionally exhausting to declutter. I think it is a part of my DNA
  6. I don’t drink water – hardly ever. Maybe at the gym…maybe. I could drink coffee and diet coke all the time. Health implications I am sure, but, it is my vice
  7. Blogging blows my mind. I can hardly believe the relationships I have created since becoming involved with this venue. I have learned so much about life outside and inside of me. It has been a phenom experience.

On to my tags (please refer to the “no pass given simply because you have done it before clause indicated above.)

Southern Mama
Robyn McMaster
Melinda Zook
Lisa Gates
Nettie Hartsock
Mariana Wagner
Vicki Moore

Have fun!


  1. April

    Thanks so much for playing even though you have played before – and for changing the rules for your blogging pals – were you this bossy on the playground??

    I love the things you wrote about yourself – so many of them are true for me as well (especially the clutter part…)

    Getting your degree is a great goal. I didn’t graduate until my 30th birthday – and then I got my Masters and now I’m working on my PhD!

    So good luck – between kids, career and college – you are one ambitious lady!!

  2. April, after reading your revelations, you sound like a really fun person. I share your love for blogging!

    Thanks for your tag. I, too was tagged previously, but I’ll brainstorm to see what new facets come forth.

  3. Thanks for tagging me. Looks like I need to start thinking about this one…hopefully I can come up with something interesting!

    And BTW, I am with you on #2 on the new 7. Deep down, well, not so deep down…it is my passion.

  4. Liz,

    Ha! Nope – I was quite passive actually. But I know those tagged folks are far too interesting to be tapped out at one or two memes.

    Thank you for the encouragement and the tag

  5. Robyn,

    Thanks! I’d like to think so 🙂

    I read your stuff…I know yours will be phenom!

  6. Melinda,

    I am looking forward to your participation…and I can’t help but add – I am really glad you got another massage!

  7. Hi April! Thanks for the tag, I promise I will do it on my blog asap!


  8. I am looking forward to it!

  9. April – it was great to learn more about you – what a fun challenge. You are one interesting lady

  10. Cyndee – Thanks! What you call interesting most people call bizarre 🙂


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