Dawgs are today's example Excellence, Action, Loss of Control, and Consequence

Dawgs are today’s example Excellence, Action, Loss of Control, and Consequence

So much of our situation is uncontrollable. Or parts of it are not choice, but consequence.

It is little surprise that I am Georgia Bulldawg Fan. Yes, Dawg…D-A-W-G. Not a misspelling. If you are not a football fan, don’t leave…just skim to the bullet points. Or you can keep reading and get a taste of the best football in the country – NCAA, specifically the SEC.

It has been a tumultuous season for everybody. We started low in the polls. It got worse before it got better.

But, when it got better, it got A LOT better. After our October loss to Tennessee, we have won 6 consecutive games overcoming teams like Florida, Auburn, and Kentucky.

The Dawgs have been masterful the past 6 weeks. During that time, many of those ranked in the top spots have lost and fallen. Georgia is ranked an impressive #4 in the BCS polls. Now that the #1 and #2 teams both lost yesterday, Georgia could, theoretically, move up to #2 and have a shot at the National Championship game in New Orleans.

None of this changed the fact that it was LSU and Tennessee that played in yesterday’s SEC Championship game. Never mind the fact that Georgia has a better overall record than Tennessee. Tennessee and Georgia are tied within the SEC East. Remember that loss to Tennessee I just talked about? Tennessee gets to play, Georgia gets to watch, LSU got the win (not an impressive win – but a win none the less.)

With the LSU win yesterday also comes the BCS prediction possibility that Georgia will stay at #4 and LSU will move into the #2 spot and Georgia will probably be facing Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. I will of course root hard for Georgia, but it is a hard thing to root against Hawaii.

For those of you who are not big NCAA football fans, what does any of this mean to you?

  • Excellence is important
  • Action is crucial
  • We cannot control other people
  • Consequence of prior actions do exist

It is important for excellence to continue regardless of past failures. Georgia may still get to play in the Championship game. They will at least get to play in a bowl game. Had they given up after their second loss, they would just be another team watching the big boys play.

Georgia needs to keep moving forward and doing what it does best – play exceptional football. This is the one thing they can control – their personal action.

Whether or not Georgia will play the National Championship game, the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, or whatever, is no longer up to them. There is now a machine in motion that makes that decision.

If Georgia doesn’t get the #2 spot and a chance at the big cookie, they can’t place blame anywhere but in their own locker room. They should have never lost to South Carolina. They may be a better team now, playing great ball, and doing wonderful things, but they still lost to Tennessee. It’s consequences and we all have to live with them.

Whatever the outcome is, the Dawgs are my team and I am proud of them. They give me an opportunity for excitement and fun. They also support the occasional life lesson.


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  1. let the poo talkin’ begin… 😉

  2. Rosa Say | Managing with Aloha says:

    What a season. I like football, but this is definitely the year I’ve watched it most and gotten swept up in the fever with everyone else. This has been an unprecedented year for Hawaii, first time with a perfect record, first time the only undefeated team, first time as WAC champions, first time to a BCS bowl, and with Colt Brennan a very deserving Heisman candidate – kids everywhere in the islands are wearing the number 15.

    April, you and your ‘ohana would be very pleased to hear the local news coverage in the islands right now – your Georgia Dawgs are getting a LOT of respect here and not a whimper of trash talk that I’m aware of (and believe me, ours is a house glued to all the coverage). The Hawaii Warriors are fully aware that the Georgia Dawgs will be the toughest team they have faced and they know the honor and feel the humility. It will be a good game, with Hawaii determined to be a worthy opponent because they agree that Georgia deserves one.

    Wish we could go to the game — how cool would that be if we could sit in the stands together? (We could both wear black…) Proud of the aloha in both teams, Rosa

  3. Ugh – dropped to #5 and still can’t get into the Rose Bowl…PAC 10 is such a joke…I knew we’d get the Sugar Bowl…

    LSU is the new Florida on my disgust list…

    How’s that for the start of the stinky?

  4. Auntie – We would both wear black – most assuredly.

    I was most disappointed in the match up as I really wanted to be able to root for Hawaii with my whole heart. I jumped with excitement in their last win against Washington. Colt Brennan has been a great sportsman and the team deserves the shot.

    But Georgia is my team…through and through to the end. What’s a girl to do? Dad, however, will root for Hawaii – as well he should and a response I completely expected. We both pull hard for Georgia and Hawaii – we just split when they are playing each other.

    I will say this could be the start of some great things for those Warriors. This game will dramatically add to their athletic budget and improve their ability to recruit top athletes – it’s HAWAII for crying out loud. Money has to be the only obstacle. I can’t fathom why anyone would not want to go to school there.

    The coverage for Hawaii is the same here as it is for Georgia there. An undefeated season commands respect. This increased when we discovered that Hawaii attempted to add some of the tougher schools to their schedule but were turned down. Their low strength of schedule was not of their choice. The bashing of LSU, USC, and Ohio State is common. The commendation of Hawaii is too…

    I am not sure how to root for two teams in an all important game…but I will do my best. I think I am going to get a T-shirt for next year and wear it – as long as they are not playing Georgia 😉

  5. roger gordon says:

    Forget this rubbish and join the rest of the world and watch some ‘real’ football

    • Roger – I love real football! It is one of the most exciting things in the world. If the Georgia / Hawaii game ain’t it, I would love to hear your suggestions. I am glad you stopped by and hope you decide to do so more often – we can even talk about football.


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