Meet Tina Torres

Meet Tina Torres

You have heard me mention her a few times, now get to know her a little bit better.

I met Tina through the Women’s Business Alliance of Richmond Hill. She and I have a lot in common – we are both wives, mommas, and self employed. She is my Pampered Chef Consultant and my friend.

Tina is a busy woman. Aside from all things Pampered Chef, she is very active in the school system here in Richmond Hill.

She started out as the room mom for her two younger boys. Not familiar with a “room mom”? These are the wonderful people that help your kids’ teacher coordinate activities with the other parents. Holiday parties, treat bags, field trips…you name it.

So, the room mom is the liaison for the teachers and the parents. Tina was really good at this. So now, she coordinates the room moms. Good thing too. She has tons of experience and helps out new room moms get acclimated to their new position.

Why a room mom? Tina loves being involved with the school and she has also had the opportunity to make a difference and create some great memories. One of her favorites occurred while she was assisting with the Accelerated Reading Program.

Just recently one student in a particular class had a lot of trouble reading and through volunteering with his class I was able to help him to increase his reading ability, which greatly improved his AR test scores. I remember him giving me the biggest hug after he was done and how proud he was after his accomplishment.

Tina is also very active at Savannah Christian Church, The Richmond Hill Bryan County Chamber of Commerce, eWomen Network, and the WBA.

She’s a woman to know in Richmond Hill.

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