Lani Schools You on Social Network Advertising

So, the oversaturation of social networking has hit the Internet led strongly by MySpace and Facebook while WE are all left to scramble. Where do we advertise?  Which network should we join (we can’t join them all)?  What types of ads work on these networks?  What is the actual demographics of these networks?  Should we brand our person or our company?  Jeez.

Just because I know how to turn this ol’ laptop on and I can whip out a WordPress theme in a matter of seconds doesn’t mean that I have the golden ticket for advertising on social networks- I’m just as overwhelmed as you are.  In studying, I found this article by to be the best analysis  of branding on these networks.  The result?  These social networking sites aren’t as important for advertising as we thought! 


  1. Creechman says:

    I just signed up on Facebook last week, created a profile, but haven’t checked it out. Sure seems popular. More reasonable than MySpace.

  2. Oh yes, the Facebook- I’m a member too and I actually use it every day!

    The difference between using a social network and paying for advertisement on one are dramatically different. The moral is: join a big social network but don’t waste your dough advertising on them, people aren’t shopping there.

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